What are linear actuators and how are they sized?

Jim Mangan/VP Sales/Nook Industries Linear actuators provide important functions to a range of medical devices such as medical beds, operating tables, and dental chairs. A linear actuator is a mechanical device that converts energy to create straight-line motion to either lift, tilt, or move mechanical legs in and out, depending on the application. The basic

SDP/SI solves high-speed application challenge

Each component in a design impacts its future direction. Make sure your choices are the best to achieve your desired objective. In today’s high-speed and lightweight applications plastic components succeed where metal formerly served. Cam Followers using plastic, high-load capacity composite rollers are a maintenance-free, clean and quiet running alternative to traditional metal designs. Established

SDP/SI supplies high-quality mechanical components to make products a success

Today’s engineers are working harder than ever before, more complex designs, shorter design cycles and increased pressure to get the product to market quickly. SDP/SI specializes in supplying the highest quality metal and plastic components to a wide variety of OEM customers. It offers a broad range of services from prototype and small volume work through large

Miniature spindle for linear positioning tasks

The GP 6 S micro spindle gear has a diameter of six millimeters and is now also available in a metal version to provide a spindle drive with optimized value. Spindle drives are the perfect solution for linear positioning systems, lens adjustment, or syringe pumps. If the drive also has to be compact, then maxon motor’s GP

Kollmorgen exhibits leading hygienic design solutions at PACK EXPO 2015

Kollmorgen will exhibit its industry-leading motion solutions at PACK EXPO, September 28 to 30, 2015, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. PACK EXPO attendees are invited to register online using Kollmorgen’s complimentary pass code: 79K95. In addition to product demos of the company’s innovative servo motors and stepper motors, Kollmorgen will highlight new enhancements to

MST offers custom, quality components

Designers needing custom, complex-shaped components with precision, high-strength quality features will find Miki Pulley an ideal source. Miki Pulley Sintering Technology (MST), components such as spur gears, pinions, rotors, timing pulleys and compound gears are manufactured economically to specification for medical devices. MST includes unique 500 to 1000 ton, multi-stage CNC forming press systems capable

Worm gear assembly focuses on longer service life for instrumentation

Few users approach the level of accuracy and repeatability requirements of Bruker AXS, a Madison, Wis., manufacturer of analytical instruments for the pharmaceutical industry and other markets. The company’s D8 Series of analytical diffractometers are typically found in research labs and R&D facilities at academic institutions as well as industrial locations. The systems address a

Forest City Gear Achieves ISO 13485 Medical Certification

Roscoe, IL – Forest City Gear announced it is one of the first gear manufacturers to successfully complete the achievement of ISO 13485, the process quality management certification for manufacturing medical devices.   Forest City Gear is a manufacturer of various gear types, with products found worldwide in aerospace and transportation uses, as well as

Forest City Gear Achieves Medical Certification

Roscoe, IL – Forest City Gear today announced it is one of the first gear manufacturers to successfully complete the achievement of ISO 13485, the process quality management certification for manufacturing medical devices. 4340 alloy steel gear, made by Forest City Gear, an example of the medical products being produced by the company, one of