This wooden toe could be one of the oldest prosthetics in the world

University of Basel Egyptologists have reexamined what they claim is one of the oldest prosthetic devices in human history to determine its origin. A wooden big toe, thought to be almost 3,000 years old, was discovered in a female burial in the necropolis of Sheikh ´Abd el-Qurna near Luxor. Using microscopy, X-ray technology and computer

Quality validations for injection molded parts: What you need to know

Rena Ivory, Crescent Industries When working to validate injection molded components, it is essential to understand how your supplier can assist you with validation activities – sharing their expertise, experience and previous validation processes. Your company 510(k) application is a pre-market submission made to the FDA. This is done to demonstrate a device is safe, effective

Drug delivery devices: Here is West’s plan for success

West Pharmaceutical Services is betting that an embrace of human factors engineering and experiential design will allow its drug delivery devices such as its SmartDose and SelfDose to stand apart from the crowd. People are more likely to take their medications properly if a device is easy to use, Eric Resnick, vice president and chief

Thinking about wading into robotic surgery? We’ve got some advice for you

There are a handful of companies in the robotic surgical space. But that is about to change. There is ample evidence that the robotic surgical device market is going to explode in the next 3 to 5 years. We recently spoke with Todd Pope, CEO of TransEnterix who said there is a lot of opportunity

How to integrate usability throughout the design lifecycle

Sarah Blair, Minnetronix The task of creating safe and reliable medical devices is the primary responsibility of medical device designers. Judgment must be used in assessing technology, diligence practiced in evaluating customer wants and needs, and completeness achieved in the execution of designs and processes. Integrating usability throughout the design lifecycle can greatly facilitate a

3 steps to create value with your medical device

Jeff Champagne, MPR Associates The word value is used a lot these days, especially when it comes to medical devices and health economics. A device must provide value for the user, the payer and the provider. But the idea of value isn’t simply limited to cost versus utility. When done effectively, a company can capitalize

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Can industrial designers fix patient safety? A Q&A with Dr. Richard Griffith

In May 2016, the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) approved the formation of the Patient Safety Taskforce, commissioning it to develop a strategic plan to apply design skills to help healthcare providers minimize medical errors in diagnosis or treatment that experts believe have become the third-leading cause of death in the United States. The group

New Obi robotic dining device wins internationally renowned ‘Oscar of Innovation’

Obi, a revolutionary robotic dining device, is a winner in the Mechanical/Materials category in the 54th annual R&D 100 Awards. The announcement was made at the recent annual award ceremony celebrating the 100 most technologically significant breakthroughs introduced into the marketplace in 2016. Dubbed the “Oscars of Innovation,” the R&D 100 Awards recognize excellence across

New study to evaluate virtual rehabilitation platform for physical therapy after total knee replacement surgery

Reflexion Health, a digital healthcare company, in conjunction with the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) announced the enrollment of the first patients in Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation In-home Therapy: A Research Study (VERITAS), which is designed to evaluate the cost and outcomes of using a virtual rehabilitation platform to deliver physical therapy following total knee replacement

Researchers develop soft, microfluidic ‘lab on the skin’ for sweat analysis

A Northwestern University research team has developed a first-of-its-kind soft, flexible microfluidic device that easily adheres to the skin and measures the wearer’s sweat to show how his or her body is responding to exercise. A little larger than a quarter and about the same thickness, the simple, low-cost device analyzes key biomarkers to help

Intelligent mattress for the prevention of pressure sores on patients who cannot be sufficiently mobilized

Some 400,000 people in Germany each year suffer from painful pressure sores on the skin, known as decubitus ulcers. These sores primarily affect bedridden patients who cannot be sufficiently mobilized or whose position cannot be changed frequently enough. The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS collaborated with five partners in the development of a mattress

Electromed introduces expanded SmartVest garment and SmartVest SQL generator colors to product line

Electromed announced the expansion of its SmartVest SQL Airway Clearance System product line to include new SmartVest garment and SQL generator colors, offering patients with chronic impaired airway clearance more opportunities to personalize their HFCWO therapy experience. The expanded SmartVest garment and SQL generator colors debuted at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Orlando,

Innovation Zed announces novel insulin pen accessory to improve diabetes management

Innovation Zed, an established Irish medtech company, has announced a new snap-on accessory for insulin pens to enable more flexible insulin management options for people with diabetes. InsulCheck Connect automatically collects and records insulin pen usage and behaviour data ‘on the go.’ This enables new and more flexible therapies to improve diabetes management and to

Formulation capabilities brings hope for patients with chronic breathing problems

Chronic respiratory diseases that affect the airways and different structures of the lungs are on the rise. As per an article in the journal Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion prevalence of asthma has been increasing since 1980. Furthermore, COPD is believed to be one of the fourth main cause of death in North

electroCore’s bioelectric medicine, nVNS, successfully treats menstrual migraine

A paper in the Journal of Headache and Pain found that electroCore’s non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation treatment (nVNS), gammaCore, reduced menstrual and menstrual-related migraine attacks by more than a third, with 40% of the patients experiencing a reduction in migraine frequency of 50% or more. Menstrual migraine/menstrual-related migraine is one the most common categories of migraine in