Nitto Kohki USA combines with its Medo USA subsidiary

Nitto Kohki USA is doing away with the name of its Medo USA subsidiary and combining it with the rest of the company. The move, effective Aug. 1, unifies the two entities’ corporate structures in the United States. The company’s location in Roselle, Ill., will stay the same, and the new entity will have no

Ambionics creates 3D printed prosthetic arm for infants

Using Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D printing technology, prosthetic solutions company Ambionics was able to create a fully-functional 3D printed hydraulic prosthetic arm for an infant. The prosthetic was designed for Ambionics’ founder Ben Ryan’s 2-year-old son, enabling a more natural acceptance of prosthetics for children. So far, the 3D-printed hydraulic prosthetic has delivered 76% cost savings

Wabash MPI, Carver offering lab testing for press specifications

Press makers Wabash MPI and Carver, Inc. are touting their new laboratory for customer testing of LIM, compression molding and other applications. The lab is for application testing and development to determine press specifications. Presses available for testing include 2 Microlim machines with Graco #622 meter mix; a 30-ton Genesis compression press with proportional control

Synova opens new micro-machining center in New Jersey

Synova, a manufacturer of high-precision laser cutting systems, announced April 10 that it has relocated its North American Micro-Machining Center (MMC) operations to Secaucus, N.J. The MMC offers laser machining services such as application trials, single and recurring cutting jobs and machine demonstrations. The new MMC will house two Laser MicroJet systems, the new 5-axis

RSX extreme-force actuator designed for hydraulic cylinder replacement

Tolomatic’s new RSX hydraulic-class electric linear rod actuator meets the need for extreme forces and is an ideal choice for replacing hydraulic cylinders. Designed and tested for 100% duty cycle, the actuator’s roller-screw drive ensures long, consistent life. Applications include pressing, punching, stamping, riveting, fastening, joining, injection molding and sawmilling. The Tolomatic RSX family of

Direct clamping for small diameters on the micro-scale

MAPAL has expanded its program of narrow contour HTC clamping chucks, whose narrow shapes are produced without a restrictive brazed joint thanks to additive manufacturing. These new chucks can directly clamp diameters of 3, 4 and 5 mm, now also allowing hydraulic clamping chucks to be used on the micro-scale, for example in medical technology

Medbio expands production capabilities to support continued growth

Medbio has expanded its production capabilities with the addition of a new Arburg 470C-165 ton hydraulic molding press with a 5 oz. shot size. This new machine will add both redundancy and additional capacity to Medbio’s molding capabilities, and will be used for higher volume work. “Like most of our Arburg machines, this press has

KNF Micro Diaphragm Liquid Pump

The KNF “Type NF1.60” micro diaphragm pump for dosing or transferring liquids or liquid-gas mixtures is ideally engineered to realize powerful performance in a small package. This compact high-pressure solution can deliver flow rates up to 650 ml/min, self-prime to 8.86 in.Hg suction, and operate against pressures up to 87 PSI both intermittently and continuously

Magnet assembly eliminates leaks in drive pump

In medical equipment used to recirculate and transfer fluids, leaks must not exist. But seals are not the only way to ensure leak-free operation. A magnetic drive pump offers a different design choice. The Integrity Series magnetic drive pump eliminates motor bearings and leaves the impeller assembly as the only moving part. Magnetic drive centrifugal

South Bend Diaphragm Valves

Minneapolis, MN — Valve bodies molded of high performance plastics by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MR&P) for South Bend Controls LLC are biocompatible to FDA and USP Class VI standards and perform well in high temperature and corrosive environments. Applications include medical equipment, clinical instrumentation, food processing, beverage dispensing and most other forms of flow

Nordson EFD’s New BackPack™ Valve Actuator

Nordson EFD’s new Backpack Valve Actuator can help companies produce more products in less time by cycling select EFD dispense valves 2 – 3 times faster than previously possible. The faster valve actuation also makes it possible to produce the smaller fluid deposits required in the assembly of many of today’s advanced products, such as

Watson-Marlow's Peristaltic Pumps for Catheter Washing and Cooling

Watson-Marlow Pumps Group offers the 400RX for catheter washing and cooling applications requiring pressures up to 90 psi, or flow rates up to 100 ml/min. The pump can achieve the high pressures due to its precision machined components, and spring loaded track to maintain occlusion of the tubing under high pressure. All fluid being pumped

STRATUS™ PTFE-lined Silicone Hose

Marion, N.C. ‚– CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions has introduced the STRATUS‚â„¢ PTFE-lined silicone hose‚—the first hybrid hose of its type created for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications. Designed to ensure zero entrapment potential, the new hose maintains maximum purity for the delivery of product. The latest innovation from CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solution’s ResistoPure‚â„¢ brand, the STRATUS‚â„¢