Murata to boost MEMS production in Finland

Murata Manufacturing announced it is investing $45 million in the purchase of two factory buildings and the construction of a third to manufacture micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors in Finland. The Kyoto-based company had been leasing the two buildings it purchased and expects to complete the adjacent 172,000-square-foot factory in Vantaa, Finland, by the end

How video games could take market share from big pharma

Tracy MacNeal, Ximedica At the Biotech Showcase in January, a panel discussed how video games are replacing drug therapies in a variety of diseases. If you haven’t seen the latest technology in this space, companies like Akili are providing drug-alternative therapies to kids with ADHD and Pear Therapeutics’ software is aimed at helping people with addiction. Technologists have reached incredible heights in getting people to

Zeiss adds Xradia Context microCT to X-ray portfolio

Zeiss has launched its new X-ray imaging instrument the Xradia Context microCT, which is a large field-of-view, non-destructive 3D X-ray microcomputed tomography system. The new Zeiss system is a tomographic imaging solution for 3D characterization and inspection needs for a variety of applications. The system allows users to easily adjust the system to enable imaging

10 BIOMEDevice Boston exhibitors you need to know

Updated April 20, 2018 BIOMEDevice Boston provides an opportunity for more than 4,000 engineers and executives and 400 suppliers in New England’s design and manufacturing industry to connect and network. The annual event was held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, April 18-19. Hundreds of medical device industry suppliers showcased their latest technologies and capabilities.

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China’s private hospital revenue expected to triple by 2019

Grace Palma, China Med Device The public healthcare system in China is getting overcrowded. Medical resources are getting stretched thin and this is particularly evident in level III public hospitals. The government, aware of the challenges, has opened up the healthcare system to private investments as outlined in its 13th five-year plan. At the same time,

Minor orthopedic implant market to be worth $2.2 billion by 2021, analysts say

The minor orthopedic replacement implant market will grow from $1.5 billion in 2017 to $2.2 billion in 2021, according to analysts from The Business Research Co.. The company’s  Minor Orthopedic Replacement Implants report said the industry will experience an annual growth rate of over 7%,  driven by a higher rate of arthritis and fractures. Osteoarthritis

Recall case study: Achieving FDA compliance in an average of 10 weeks

Charlotte Morello, Novasyte Health A global healthcare organization had multiple nationwide recalls with over 1.8 million units in 2,500 facilities. Facing internal bandwidth constraints, Novasyte was hired as the partner-of-choice to manage the recall execution. Goals The customer’s goal was to complete the following tasks as quickly as possible. Notifications: 100% notification attempts, as per

Appirio launches solutions for Salesforce Lightning Bolt

Wipro company Appirio recently launched new solutions that are built on Salesforce Lightning to deliver personalized and industry-specific services. The solutions that the company is ordering are all Lightning Bolts which are frameworks that allow companies to create functional and customer-facing websites. It is designed to increase collaboration and communication during crucial interaction points while

Biosafe Defenses patents light-activated disinfectant

Biosafe Defenses has recently patented a new line of light-activated antibacterial disinfectant after 10 years of research. The patent allows Biosafe Defenses to use a method of disinfecting objects with light-activated conjugated polyelectrolytes (CPEs) that can inactivate and destroy molds, viruses, fungal yeast and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Biosafe Defenses can also make an antimicrobial substrate like

Analysis: Robotic surgery will thrive in 3 major areas

Global science, product and technology development company Sagentia claims that robotic surgery is going to continue to play an influential role in three niche areas including minimally-invasive surgery, specialist functional applications and patient management. The company predicts that continuum and snake robots will be beneficial to minimally-invasive surgical procedures because they are able to navigate

ADM Cleveland: Here are some top medtech manufacturing highlights

Updated March 31, 2017 The inaugural Advanced Design and Manufacturing conference and expo in Cleveland showcased some of the medical device industry’s top design and manufacturing technology over the past week. From manufacturing depression treating machines to dry ice cleaning machines, here are some notable exhibitors from the show. Next >> [Want to stay more on top

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13 more women leaders in medtech

The medtech industry is increasingly gaining women leaders. Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic have a handful of women in positions of power, which is a step forward for women considering that only 4% of healthcare CEOs are women. Keeping with the theme of March’s Women’s History Month, here are 13 more women leaders in medtech

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9 women medtech leaders you need to know

  Women account for 50.8% of the U.S. population, yet they only represent 14.8%  of all CEOs in the U.S., according to the Center for American Progress. About 78.4% of healthcare industry workers – but only 34.3% of all surgeons and physicians and 15.9% of medical school deans – are women, the center reports. And

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GCMI and BD to support medtech startups in Southeast U.S.

The Global Center for Medical Innovation has partnered with Becton, Dickinson and Co. (BD) to support the launch of the GCMI Medtech Accelerator. “Too many medtech startups fail unnecessarily due to a lack of bridge, or seed funding, required to advance far enough in the commercialization process to attract investment by a larger device company,”

Integer Holdings shares dip after Q4 earnings report

Shares in Integer Holdings (NYSE:ITGR) dropped today after the medical device maker released 4th quarter and full year 2016 earnings that beat earnings per share expectations but missed on revenue.  The Frisco, Texas-based company—a major U.S. medical device contract manufacturer—posted profits of $7.9 million, or 25¢ per share, on sales of $359.6 million for the 3 months ended