Jordi Labs touting testing services at DeviceTalks Boston


jordi labs logoJordi Labs provides contract analytical services with a special emphasis on chemical identification and liquid chromatography products.  Customers in nearly all industries are benefit from its columns and packing media products worldwide.

Featured services: E&L studies, particulates and residue analysis, polymer analysis

  • Extractables and leachables studies: Performing an Extractables and leachables (E&L) study is an important part of verifying the safety of a medical device product. Jordi Labs specializes in the analysis of plastics and has the experience and knowledge to make E&L studies a success. The laboratory which conducts the study must have sufficient expertise in unknown identification to properly leverage information from multiple techniques, databases and control experiments to allow for positive unknown identification. The company’s chemists help medical device manufacturers satisfy regulatory requirements by developing and executing E&L studies based on more than 3 decades of analytical experience and state of the art instrumentation. Learn more about E&L testing services.
  • Particulates and residue analysis: Particulates and residues are major types of contamination found in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Identifying and understanding the source of particulates is critical to controlling their spread. Once Jordi Labs’ chemists find the source, eliminating particulate contamination becomes substantially simpler. Jordi Labs uses FTIR-microscopy, SEM-EDX and other techniques to identify particles, as well as provide information about shape, size and surface topography. Learn more about particulates and residue analysis testing services.
  • Polymer analysis: The core of Jordi’s business is the analysis of polymers.  The company has successfully deformulated hundreds of polymer products including polymer composites, adhesives, thermosets, rubbers and latexes since 1980.  Jordi Labs can analyze your polymer to determine: monomer composition, pigment determination, additive quantitation, percent and type of filler (SiO2, Carbon Black, etc.), antioxidant analysis, copolymer analysis, crosslink density, residual monomer concentration, absolute or relative molecular weight, weight percent below 500 and 1000 Mw, mold release – slip agents composition. Learn more about polymer analysis testing services.

Visit Jordi Labs at booth #307 at DeviceTalks Boston.

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