Keystone Electronics unveils new battery insulating pull tabs


Keystone Electronics battery pulltabs

Keystone Electronics has introduced a new line of insulated pull tabs for batteries [Image courtesy of Keystone Electronics]

Keystone Electronics (New Hyde Park, N.Y.) recently introduced a new line of battery insulators designed to protect batteries and circuitry from energizing during shipping and storage.

Device creators can install the pull tabs in a product along with the batteries so that they can insulate and prevent the batteries from energizing prior to use. Device users simply pull the tabs out in order to activate the batteries, with labeling and arrows helping to guide them.

Keystone Simply makes the pull tabs from thin, flexible polyester. Request No. 111 in Keystone’s catalog for pull tabs for use with button cell through AAA batteries; it’s No. 117 for pull tabs used with 12.7mm coin cells and AA or larger cylindrical cells.

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