Lamborghini is helping to create better prosthetics


lamborghini logoAutomobili Lamborghini is collaborating with Houston Methodist Research Institute to bring its carbon fiber composite material expertise to prosthetic implants.

The research that Lamborghini will be joining is a biocompatibility study of the composite materials that are used in prosthetic implants and subcutaneous devices. The goal of the study is to be able to determine what materials are lighter, tolerable by the body’s immune system and more resistant than what is currently being used and how carbon fiber materials for implantable devices could be used in therapeutic drug delivery and orthopedics.

The study is expected to take place over a three-year period.

“Combining Automobili Lamborghini’s technology with nanomedicine applications could lead to innovative devices and surgical tools for biomedical uses,” said Alessandro Grattoni, the study’s principal investigator and chair of the department of nanomedicine at Houston Methodist Research Institute, in a press release.

Automobili Lamborghini has collaborated with a number of other hospitals on a variety of research projects. It claims to be a leader in the research and production of carbon fiber composite materials. Its advanced composite lightweight structures department of research and development gives the company’s expertise to industries other than the automotive industry, including the biomedical field.

Grattoni hopes that new devices can be developed using Lamborghini’s materials that are patented for use on the body of its cars. The Houston Methodist team has already been working on implantable nanochannel delivery systems for regulating the delivery of different therapies for different medical issues.

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