Bansbach Easylift® is known for quality.

We are EASA Form1 Part 21g certified for Aerospace applications. All of our products are Maintenance-free, self-contained and provide safe motion for a broad range of applications.

Advantages of Bansbach Gas springs:

  • Highest corrosion resistance achieved through powder coated cylinders and CeramPro® treated piston rod surfaces.
  • Minimal friction for the production of lowest extension forces.
  • Best life cycles.
  • Protection against vibration and light side forces.
  • Integrated grease chamber.
  • Low break away forces.
  • Installation and storage in any position.

Our CeramPro® Piston rod surface treatment is a new innovative development from the Bansbach development laboratory. CeramPro® offers maximum rust and corrosion resistance of the piston rod. This special surface treatment provides an extremely smooth surface with excellent operating characteristics which provide superior protection against abrasion to the rod.

Powdercoated cylinders provide and extremely durable finish and is much better than our competitors painted finish.

Customer Service – Our dedicated staff is our best asset. When you call you will speak directly to an engineer who will provide with everything you need to design the best solution for you application.

We have locations around the globe in the US, Europe, Singapore and Japan.

Bansbach – Easylift Motion Controls

Bansbach Easylift® is a world leading manufacturer of motion control products since 1919. Our uniquely engineered products focus on product performance to provide the highest lifecycles, in the most challenging environments. We provide a wide array of motion controls which allows you to streamline your engineering and procurement. Our products include gas springs, linear dampers, large industrial shock absorbers, mini shock absorbers, rotary dampers, disk dampers, vane dampers, wire rope isolators, micro- hydraulics and linear actuators. Industries served Aerospace, Medical and Industrial.

50 West Dr.
Melbourne, FL 32904

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