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Bird sapphire and ruby orifices are scientifically designed to insure repeatable flow control of both liquids and gas.

Ruby and sapphire materials are used exclusively because of their durable material characteristics. This economical man made crystal has amazing credentials

1. Extreme hardness, 9 mohs scale, next to diamond
2. Practically chemically inert,
3. Extreme abrasion resistance, 5 x that of tungsten carbides.
4. Does not outgas, zero porosity
5. Non-thrombogenic, for medical applications
6. Excellent insulator
7. High temperature material, 2000 degree C melting point.
8. No flash points, extensively used in oxygen environments.

With such impressive material characteristics, the designer can design with confidence in even the harsh environmental applications

Bird’s unique manufacturing process
Bird Precision offers a unique series of laser drilled, wire lapped Ruby and Sapphire orifices.

This unique wire lapping method insures that our orifices are round and highly polished. This method also removes all possibilities of burrs or loose particles in the orifice area. The orifices are all lapped both sides to impart a very uniform sharp edge to our orifices. It is this edge along with the roundness and high polish that yields a highly repeatable Cd value
(Coefficient of Discharge).

Further the wire lapping method guarantees hole tolerance .0002” or less as standard.

Bird Precision has recently introduced our new Golden Orifices with .0001” total spread for those most demanding applications.

It is this precise methodology and attention to detail that distinguishes us from all other manufacturing methods, yielding production quantities of highly precise flows at reasonable prices.

Our orifices and micron level filters are conveniently packaged in a huge variety of stainless, plastic and brass fittings, inserts and connectors.

Bird Precision continues to focus on putting orifices and filters where you need them.

We also offer a host of standard Swagelok, Smc, Parker and Value Plastics, retrofits.

As technology continues to demand precision and smaller tolerances, engineers are turning to Bird Precision microdrilled inserts, fittings and filter components. We offer a high value solution in nozzle, restrictor and orifice applications, all designed with Bird Precision accuracy.

If you’re involved in product design and production, you’re always on the lookout for ways to improve manufacture, performance and quality in your products. Now is the time to investigate the wide range of accuracy and workmanship Bird Precision continues to supply for micro miniature components and assemblies.

Bird’s early experience in aircraft instrument bearings & micro assembly techniques for timing mechanisms has prepared us well for the critically demanding needs of modern instrumentation.

With the development of new laser drilling and wire lapping techniques, we have transitioned into micro miniature orifices, nozzles, filters, and connectors.

We offer a whole line of micron level standard products ranging in size from 10 microns (.0004”) up through .080”. Flow rates from under 1cc/min are available.

Bird Precision maintains an impeccable reputation for precision component fabrications.

A full complement of Swiss CNC, production assembly and specialized secondary machines provide a vertical in house capability, enabling fast prototype and production delivery.

Join us as one of our valued customers. We will work together to improve your product through a mutual exchange of ideas, service and quality.

One Spruce Street
Waltham, MA 02454
Phone: 800.454.7369
Fax: 800.370.6308

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