The Future of Cabling is Here
Combine power, signal, video, air & liquid in a crystal-clear flat cable.
Cicoil’s patented extrusion technology produces the most high performance flat cables available with the superior attributes you’re looking for:

• Ultra Flexible: Tens of millions of flex cycles in the tightest bend
radius applications
• Unlimited Variation: Micro size to 400mm wide cables, wires from 4
to 44 gauge, also including fiber optics, tubing, or coax, so you can
get the exact cable you need
• Extreme Environments: Our cables perform from -65°C to +260°C,
and under exposure to water, steam, chemicals, and oils
• Improvement Over Round Cables: Flat cables use less space for
denser packaging, are inherently more flexible, and organize wiring
without the need for external ties, tracks or conduits.

Built-In Flexibility
Cicoil cable incorporates finely stranded, ultra-flexible wire conductors. Conductors and shields are specially heat-treated and plated to maximize their flexibility. Cicoil flat cables are rated for over ten million cycles, and our cables have performed for hundreds of millions of flexing cycles in the most demanding robotic, continually flexing equipment applications.

Standard or Custom Cables
Cicoil’s patented extrusion process makes custom cables easy, so you can quickly get the exact cable you want. Try our Online Configurator, where you can design your own cable in minutes and get an immediate drawing and quote!

Check out our many standard cables and assemblies, all available from stock for immediate delivery.

Data Cables
Yes! Cicoil has you covered for video and high speed data transmission with Cat 5e, Cat 6A, USB 3.0, Camera Link, Coax, and Controlled Impedance flat cables in bulk and finished assemblies.

Complete Cable Assemblies
Cicoil can provide complete cable assemblies, with any connectors required by the customer. Every cable assembly is 100% tested by our automated test equipment. Our award-winning quality system is certified to ISO 9001 standards, including the strict AS9100 aerospace specification.

Cicoil was founded in 1956 with an innovative new product for the early mainframe computers – the flat ribbon cable. The ribbon cable allowed companies like IBM to replace bulky, stiff round cables with sleek, flexible ribbon cables. Named ribbon cables, variations of these flat cables are still used today in most computers, printers, and many electronic devices.

Cicoil Today – Innovating for the Future
Cicoil continues its proud history of innovation, with the company’s automated, state-of-the-art facility in Valencia, California. By implementing the latest lean manufacturing production techniques, Cicoil continues to design and manufacture the highest quality products, with fast, responsive lead times for our customers. Our efforts have earned numerous customer and industry awards for quality, delivery, and continuous improvement, and our continued R&D has resulted in multiple US and worldwide patents.

Cicoil Corporation
24960 Avenue Tibbitts
Valencia, CA 91355, USA
Phone: 661-295-1295
Fax: 661-295-0813

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