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INTROTEK INT’L designs, manufactures and markets non-invasive ultrasonic air bubble and liquid level detection systems Beginning operations in 1981, we became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Magnetrol International—a worldwide leader in industrial level and flow instrumentation in 1986. Since then the companies have engaged in collaborative R&D efforts for the enrichment of both firm’s product lines. Introtek’s production operations represent the leading-edge in manufacturing. Our manufacturing practices conform to the identical standards as those of medical device manufacturers. An ISO certified company, our quality system is also TUV certified to meet the established requirements for the development, production and distribution of our complete product line. Introtek stands behind the quality of every product with a three-year product warranty. Whether you require standard or custom designed sensors and electronics, our comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities—along with our solid record of O.E.M. service proficiency—will provide you with the most reliable ultrasonic-based detection products available today.

INTROTEK, the Global leader for almost 35 years, has produced non-invasive, ultrasonic air bubble detectors, continuous liquid and point level sensors, and optical blood component detectors for companies in industries such as medical device manufacturing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical development, clinical laboratories and food & beverage manufacturers. Since it’s early conception, Introtek has maintained its commitment in providing safe, reliable products to ensure customer satisfaction. Our products lead the way in meeting O.E.M. customers’ needs for sensors and electronics that are compact, accurate, highly reliable and reasonably priced. Introtek’s standard sensors attach at the desired point of detection to the outside of stainless steel, or rigid and flexible plastic.

Introtek’s Engineering Design Team specializes in taking custom requirements from concept to completion using highly innovative ideas, while working closely with the customer in order to obtain maximum results.

Introtek’s AD8 / AD9 / ADU Integral Ultrasonic Air-In-Line, Air Bubble Detectors incorporate Introtek’s latest generation “MEC” pulse-type ultrasonic circuitry. The micro- controller based circuitry is located integrally in the sensor assembly. Custom algorithms to control functionality, such as response times, time delays and more can be designed at Introtek based on customer requirements. ADU Series Sensor for non-standard soft tube sizes between 1/8” – 3/18” where standard AD9 housings are not available and can eliminate tooling costs for low volume requirements for some odd sized tubes.

INTROTEK® Dual and Single Point Drip Chamber Level Sensors are custom designed for use with soft-bodied drip chamber or larger OD tubing to overcome conditions such as relaxation, slippage or vibration, which would normally cause false air alarms. These sensors are designed to meet OEM form, fit and functional specifications. Sensors are available with integral or remote circuitry and panel mount or self-standing designs.

Introtek’s line of Non-invasive liquid level detectors provide the ultimate solution for almost any liquid level detection application.

Introtek’s PLD – Point Liquid Level Detector is extremely user-friendly with a sleek compact, non-invasive design, incorporating integral electronics that never require calibration. The PLD is the most advanced pulse wave, ultrasonic sensor available for liquid level detection, emphasizing reliability, accuracy and repeatability.

Introtek’s CLD – Continuous Liquid Level Detector is a pulsed ultrasonic,
continuous level sensor, scalable for small to large vials, containers and tanks for industrial, laboratory, pharmaceutical medical & beverage applications. Our unique, non-invasive design enables the liquid level from the bottom of vessel to be monitored quickly, accurately and dependably.

Introtek’s CLM – Continuous Liquid Detector for Metal Tanks delivers the answer for challenging non-invasive liquid level monitoring for a variety of fixed tanks and vessels comprised of, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Teflon and Plastic. The CLM is designed to operate under a wide range of supply voltages. Additional features include a bi-color LED visual indicator assuring optimum transducer placement, standard dip switch capability providing field adjustment for 8 various discreet tank levels. 

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