Since its inception in 1983, IXYS Corporation (Nasdaq: IXYS), a Silicon Valley power semiconductor company, has been developing technology-driven products to improve power conversion efficiency, generate clean energy, improve automation and provide advanced products in the transportation, medical and telecom industries. IXYS is a pioneer in the development of power semiconductors, integrated circuits and RF systems that effectively monitor electrical voltage to produce maximum effect with least expenditure of energy.


IXYS brings together al the building blocks required for a designer of power conversion at almost every power level. From Milliamps to Megawatts IXYS is able to provide the best available rectifier, switching, isolation and control products together in one place.

IXYS Power is providing efficient solutions such as Schottky diodes, line frequency and fast diodes as well as thyristors are available in discrete packages as well as modules. For your switching needs IXYS offers some of the leading edge and the highest power available in MOSFET, IGBT, BI-MOSFET and GTO technology which are offered in discrete solutions and both industry standard and custom multichip module package outlines. In addition, we have the ability to offer these power products as customer specific sub systems which may be assembles world wide.

Providing solutions for isolation, control and feedback, IXYS IC division (CLARE) designs and produces SOI base HVIC’s flexible display drivers, driver IC’s, optically isolated drivers, solid state relays (SSR), isolated AC switches, optocouplers, photovoltaic chips and ASIC’s. With the IXYS San Sebastian Division (ISS), we provide advances RFID IC’s, solutions and custom IC design.

Through MWT and IXYS Colorado, IXYS manufactures FR and microwave products.

With Zilog’s industry proven and rugged MCU’s, we complement our POWER and IC products with matched digital power management and embedded control. IXYS has introduced unique power management reference designs to control motors, LED light, battery charging and motion sensing. The added S3 low cost MCU product lines serve consumer white goods, home automation and remote controls. With the Radio Pulse Division we offer SOC’s that integrate RF Zigbee transceivers and MCU’s for the consumer security, industrial, home automation, energy management, LED lighting and IoT markets.

Bringing all of these technologies together under one company allows THE WORLD OF IXYS to offer the power conversion designer a one stop solution.

For further information visit: www.ixys.com

1590 Buckeye Drive
Tel: 408-457-9000
Fax: 408-416-0223

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