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Precision Prototyping & Modeling
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Model Solution does more – especially when it comes to innovative medical product design & development. With a world-class team of engineers that work closely with customers and employs the latest design, prototyping and modeling techniques, Model Solution develops high quality medical products…fast and within budget. Model Solution condenses your design cycle and delivers prototypes and models to validate the design functionality and evaluate the color, material and finish.

Tooling from Prototype to Production

Model Solution has simplified and accelerated the tooling process with its new ProtoTool program – saving time and money. Using robust steel mold-cores that last longer than aluminum molds, Model Solution eases the modification process for fine-tuning designs and gets medical products to market faster. From prototype to production – from plastics to metals to silicone, Model Solution precision prototype, preproduction and production tooling means more quality parts delivered quickly.


Manufacturing made easy – Model Solution embraces the production experience, from concept to prototype to initial production. Offering metal stamping, plastic injection molding, compression molding and clean-room molding services, Model Solution de- livers machined or molded parts in the color, finish and material you specified – FAST. Model Solution also offers subassembly or finished product assembled in production quantities up to 100,000 pieces to bring product to market even faster.

Model Solution Does More: Precision Prototyping, Tooling & Manufacturing Services

Medical equipment manufacturers rely on Model Solution for quality products delivered quickly. More than design validation, tooling, model making, injection molding, or 3D printing, Model Solution offers more design and manufacturing services, expertise, and support to accelerate medical product development — getting you to market faster.


Model Solution fine tunes your medical device design through strategic collaboration among designers, engineers and modelers. It serves as an extension of your design team to offer the most efficient, appropriate and cost-effective solution. Model Solution is the one-stop source for:

  • complex tooling
  • precision prototyping & modeling
  • design for manufacturability
  • low volume manufacturing
  • and everything in between
Model Solution supports a wide range of medical device manufacturers including makers of diagnostic, lab, monitoring, portable, surgical, therapeutic and treatment medical devices. Model Solution delivers products with vivid colors, innovative materials and state-of-the-art finishes that meet your look, feel, function and build requirements. Model Solution’s precision, speed, expertise and innovation make it the default choice for your next medical device project.

Model Solution
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