Established in 1916 and headquartered
in Tokyo, Japan, NSK is a world class manufacturer of motion and control products, leading the industry with superior quality, engineering research and technical innovation. NSK produces and distributes a wide range of rolling element bearings, linear motion and automotive component products for a variety of applications. Operating in the Americas, NSK Corporation is a member of NSK Ltd. and is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. NSK Corporation has a network of sales, engineering, customer service and marketing teams who support customers throughout the purchase cycle. The company’s strategically
located manufacturing and distribution centers supply both original equipment manufacturers and the industrial aftermarket.

Advancements in medical technology are enhanced with NSK linear motion innovation.

In the field of motion control, innovative engineering is paramount to optimal design and performance. Nearing its 100th year anniversary, NSK has proven to be an industry leader dedicated to applying innovative, technical solutions for the future advancements required in medical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

NSK linear motion and bearing solutions have been used for imaging, diagnostic, surgical robotic and medical equipment applications. As NSK continues to expand its capabilities, new product solutions are engineered. Our dedicated team of engineering staff collaborates with the customer to develop an integrated system. We understand the importance of delivering solutions to an environment that is constantly evolving and looking to new technology in order to improve outcomes within the field of medicine.

Medical Imaging

NSK’s NH/NS Series Linear GuidesTM achieve the world’s highest load rating, while maintaining superior precision and accuracy required for medical imaging such as CT, PET and MRI scanning devices. Optional K1TM Lubrication Units reduce maintenance cost and extend operating life.


Diagnostic devices, such as blood analyzers, need to process multiple samples while delivering consistent, accurate results in an efficient manner. NSK’s Monocarrier linear actuators are a low-maintenance solution. The MCM Series is ideal for light to medium loads and is available in miniature sizes for a compact, space-saving design. Smooth motion, low vibration, high rigidity and long operating life are all achieved when utilizing the MCM Series. Optional K1 Lubrication Units reduce maintenance cost and extend operating life.

Robotic Surgery

To ensure reliable and repeatable results that deliver smooth, accurate and precise movement, NSK recommends BSS Series ball screws for surgical robotic applications. The BSS Series is available in miniature sizes and can be used within the arm of a surgical robot. Each ball screw is designed for high precision, accuracy resulting in unparalleled smooth motion. With the use of K1 Lubrication Units maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

K1 Lubrication Unit

The K1 Lubrication Unit combines oil and resin into a single unit designed for environments where grease replenishment is undesirable or where grease may be easily washed away. These units can be installed on NSK ball screws, linear guides,
Monocarrier and Robot Module products. Effective in any mounting orientation, the K1 Lubrication Unit can be installed in various medical applications including NH/NS Series linear guides for medical imaging devices, MCM Series MonocarrierTM for diagnostics and BSS Series ball screws for robotic surgical equipment. These units are maintenance-free for up to 5 years or 10,000 km of operational distance; however, longer operating conditions can be achieved. An FDA- compliant option is also available.

NSK Americas
4200 Goss Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: 1-800-255-4773
Email: info@nsk-corp.com

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