Resonetics provides laser micro manufacturing for life sciences and specializes in applications requiring precision laser processing of polymers, metals and glass. After 29 years in the business, we’ve cemented our reputation as a leader in laser micromachining. With core capabilities in laser cutting, welding, ablating and drilling, we create features as small as 1 micron and machine materials up to 1mm thick. Resonetics has three manufacturing facilities in Boston, Dayton and San Diego with ISO-13485:2003 certified quality systems and lean six-sigma practices.

Challenging the Limit of Laser Micro Manufacturing

At Resonetics, we lead through our Advanced Technology Group (ATG) that thinks outside the current parameters of laser processing to solve customers’ most challenging technical problems. The ATG has produced many technical advances in 2016 encompassed by a wide range of next generation capabilities including 3D micro ablation, precision nitinol cutting, fine wire welding, 0 kerf glass cutting, small hole (single micron) hole drilling, and micro-scale additive manufacturing.

A key innovation is 3D micro machining of metals. This is completed through a 3D micro ablation process, which is a miniaturization of swiss CNC machining. The coupling of a precision ablation laser with a multi-axis workstation has enabled the micro scale manufacturing of parts in a variety of metals (Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, Platinum, Platinum/Iridium, and Nitinol to name a few). 3D micro ablation was developed based on the unmet customer needs in the Neurovascular market, which required metal parts an order of magnitude smaller than CNC machining.

To innovate nitinol laser cutting, Resonetics combined a precision motion control workstation with a next generation laser and fundamental process knowledge to create a stent cutting system that is second to none. This technology is capable of holding single micron standard deviations on 25 micron struts across 50 mm long stents. The enhanced precision in cutting greatly improves the post processing consistency and manufacturing yield.

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Nashua, NH 03060
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