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Simplifying machine building with compact integrated motors
Automation component manufacturer Schneider Electric Motion USA (formerly IMS) is a proven leader in innovative motion control solutions for stepper motors and electronic controls, including the premier integrated motor brand MDrive®. SEM offers integrated motion solutions across multiple market segments, for a wide range of applications from factory floor to laboratory bench, including: printing, packaging, handling, labeling, electronics manufacture, medical technology, scanning, imaging, clinical and laboratory automation, instrumentation equipment.

Our commitment is to provide innovative solutions, best-in-class customer service, and exceptional quality. This business model is supported by Schneider Electric, a corporation which operates globally in more than 100 countries.

NEW – Lexium Motion Module / LMM is an ultra-compact, programmable motion controller delivering chipset flexibility with leading MDrive integrated motor features including MCode programming language. To facilitate rapid prototyping and design verification, development boards are available with features including isolated I/O, locking pluggable connectors and serial RS-422/485 programmable motion or CANopen. A range of motors, encoders, USB communication cable and starter kit are also offered.

Lexium MDrive® is the newest addition to this premium product line. LMD products are well suited for industrial automation, incorporating robust design features and performance enhancements including closed loop to eliminate loss of synchronization/stalling, reduce heat, save energy, and lower operating costs. Connector style options now include industrial, circular, or pluggable.

MDrive® Linear Actuators integrate linear actuator stepper motors, electronics and mechanicals all in one compact linear motion system delivering high accuracy and long life. Non-captive and external shaft styles are available, with nominal load limit of up to 200 lbs. Built-to-order, you specify the screw lead/pitch, length, end finish, coating, and nut style for your application.

MDrive® Plus integrated rotary motors are available in a wide range of low cost, extremely compact configurations. These all-in-one motion control solutions can reduce system cost, design and assembly time for a large range of motion control applications.

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