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STEUTE has been designing and manufacturing medical-grade foot switches expressly for medical device OEMs worldwide since 1952. During that period we have tooled a wide range of platforms/consoles, actuators, detents, carrying handles, and analog and digital output devices. These components, coupled with the wide array of connectors, cables, strain reliefs and our in-house graphics capabilities, has enabled us to address an infinite number of medical device OEM foot switch needs with our unique “off-the-shelf-custom” program.

Within this program we can satisfy a wide variety of performance requirements, with a fully- custom designed and built foot switch that requires no tooling investment or NRE costs to the medical device OEM.

Each unit is developed with the following key objectives:

  • Optimum medical device functionality
  • Operator comfort and ease-of-use
  • Aesthetically complimentary to the OEMs device design
  • Full compliance with IEC, UL, CSA and FCC requirements.

In addition, STEUTE has pioneered the use of wireless foot switch technology expressly for use in medical environments. Now into our fourth generation, we offer our proprietary 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping system featuring:

  • Safe, noise immune operation
  • Encrypted communication protocols
  • Low power consumption
  • Real-time battery charge status
  • Optional “sleep-mode”.
  • Fast wake-up time
  • Worldwide acceptance.

Today we have thousands of safe, reliable cabled and wireless foot switches installed in diagnostic and therapeutic applications worldwide. Typical applications include:

  • Radiology equipment
  • Ultrasonic diagnostic systems
  • Surgical microscopes
  • Electrosurgical generators
  • Laser-based surgical, dental & dermatology equipment Cataract (PHACO) systems
  • Ophthalmic surgical equipment
  • Examination tables/chairs
  • Biopsy systems
  • Bone shavers & saws
  • MRI systems
  • Navigation & imaging systems

STEUTE has specialized in designing and manufacturing off-the-shelf-custom built (with no tooling or NRE costs) and fully-custom cabled and wireless, medical-grade foot switches expressly for medical device OEM’s for more than 60 years.

Our staff of 280 employees understands your need to demonstrate your medical devices’ superiority with an easy-to-use foot control that is ergonomically-designed for operator comfort and optimum functionality.

With offices in 30 countries, our worldwide team is ready to share our ideas for realizing a human interface that optimizes your device’s performance and market appeal. Call for a no-obligation design consultation, or a complimentary evaluation sample.

STEUTE Meditech, Inc.
901 Ethan Allen Highway, Suite 102
Ridgefield, CT 06877
Telephone: 203.244.6302

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