Wabash MPI


Standard and Custom Press Leader
One such machine is Wabash’s hybrid servo-pneumatic MICROLIM™ Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Machine, ideal for clean room and medical applications. Designed for shot sizes up to 15cc with excellent shot to shot repeatability, the MICROLIM features a patented plunger design with “center shutoff” nozzle for accurate shot size control. The injection head is easily removable for quick cleaning and changeover. Features maximum clamp force of 17 tons and platen size of 9” X 9”.

Wabash manufactures other hydraulic and pneumatic presses in sizes from .5 to 1200 tons, and bed sizes from 6” x 6” to 6’ x 12’. Custom presses can be designed to meet specific applications with various options and accessories available. Applications
for Wabash presses include ASTM polymer testing, proppant crush testing, rubber, plastics and composites molding, R&D, laboratory and other specialized processes.

Wabash offers complete new equipment start- up, preventative maintenance, field service needs and calibration services. Rebuilds, retrofits and system upgrades for Wabash Equipment are available, as well as used equipment and trade-in options.

Wabash’s sister company, Carver, Inc., manufactures bench-top and floor standing laboratory presses. The new AutoSeries Plus is the most powerful and versatile laboratory press on the market with several new and enhanced features. Carver supplies laboratory presses for laminating, pelletizing, bonding, molding, fluid extraction, and other applications.

The first Wabash press was built in 1941 for a Wabash, IN high school science teacher who wanted a hydraulic press in his lab to teach students about molding and laminating various materials. Since this first press, Wabash has expanded into presses for compression molding, transfer molding, liquid silicone injection molding, C-frame presses and presses with vacuum assist and are available in hydraulic and pneumatic versions. Today, Wabash is a leading worldwide supplier of standard and custom engineered presses to the aerospace, medical, recreation, automotive, education and energy markets.

Wabash MPI
P.O. Box 298
Wabash, IN 46992 – 0298
Telephone: 260.563.1184

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