Web Industries


Web Industries is a leading medical Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) providing automated manufacturing of IVD test cartridges, LFI devices, diagnostic testing strips, and medical consumables. Specializing in medical device commercialization, we provide a full range of services necessary to bring new and existing medical devices to market at commercial-scale volumes.

LFI & IVD Device Contract Manufacturing

For over 30 years, the world’s leading medical device companies have turned to Web Industries when they need a proven silent-partner CMO to provide automated manufacturing of their medical diagnostic tests and consumables. Web offers a full range of contract services for successful commercialization of new and existing medical devices.

We create highly- customized manufacturing and supply chain solutions that help our partners overcome limited or non-existent internal capacity while reducing their risk and capital costs. Our medical facilities hold all required ISO and industry certifications, and we have been audited and validated by some of the largest organizations in the industry. Our rigorous quality assurance systems and commitment to quality has allowed us to successfully produce over 100 billion medical tests over the past two decades.

Web Industries Offers:

  • 30+ years of flexible goods & device manufacturing experience
  • 20+ years LFI manufacturing & product transfer knowledge
  • Flexible automated manufacturing systems
  • High commercial-scale capacity (>10MM units)
  • Prototype-to-Product Launch one-stop solutions
  • Comprehensive supply chain management
  • Non-competing CMO-only services
  • Robust ISO compliant quality systems
  • Manufactured with pride in the USA

Web Industries applies expertise, innovative thinking, and creative problem solving to help speed time to market, drive down costs, and continuously improve processes to maximize product success.

700 Nickerson Road, Suite 250
Marlborough, MA 01752-4715
United States of America

Phone: 508.898.2988

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