What you need to know about heat shrink tubing

Heat shrink tubing comes in a range of materials for many medical applications. Custom materials are also available. Justin Fry, TE Connectivity Medical There is a lot more to medical tubing than extruded polymers. Heat shrink tubing, for instance, provides a range of materials intended to improve designs and solve engineering and manufacturing problems. For instance,

Qioptiq introduces new UV Linos lens

Qioptiq – an Excelitas Technologies company delivering innovative optical and photonic solutions – has introduced its new telecentric UV Linos 70 mm F-theta-ronar lenses for 340–360 nm. The latest edition to the popular Linos product line delivers increased scan field and small spot size for laser material processing industry. It features a bigger scan field

Webinar: Reducing risk through material science

    Medical device material failures are common and costly. Fortunately, the risk of these failures can be greatly reduced through better understanding of materials science earlier in the product development cycle, preventing both delays and post market issues. During this webinar, strategies will be discussed of how to avoid material failures through better understanding

Piezo Kinetics buys Channel Technologies Group’s ceramics division

Piezo Kinetics, a manufacturer of specialty piezoelectric ceramic elements and assemblies, has acquired Channel Technologies Group’s Ceramics Division assets, including all powder formulations and inventories of finished products. The Santa Barbara, Calif.–based ceramics subsidiary manufactures piezoelectric ceramics for the medical, energy, defense and commercial maritime industries. Financial terms of the cash acquisition were not disclosed. Piezo

How Boston Sci is getting drug-eluting stents and balloons into legs

Boston Scientific officials think they have a leg up when it comes to bringing drug-eluting technology to bear on peripheral artery disease. That’s because the medical device giant has decades of experience with balloons and drug-eluting stents used around the heart. When it comes to treating the narrowing arteries in the legs and thighs, Boston

Henkel launches adhesives recycling program

Henkel, a manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, including the Loctite brand, is partnering with TerraCycle to become the first company to offer a recycling solution for anaerobic adhesives. Through the Adhesive Recycling Program, Henkel customers can purchase a postage-paid recycling box that they fill with empty Loctite adhesive containers and send to TerraCycle

Lucideon offers accelerated aging of UHMWPE orthopedic implant components

Lucideon, the international materials technology company, is pleased to announce that it has added accelerated aging of UHMWPE polymer orthopedic implants to its range of wear and fatigue testing services. The service, which is carried out in accordance with ASTM F2003, is performed to support FDA and regulatory submissions, as well as R&D programs on

How to respond to FDA inspection observations, including those you dispute

by Martin Browning, President, EduQuest, FDA expert investigator and rule-maker for 22 years Although FDA is strapped with limited resources and competing priorities, the agency continues to hammer regulated companies with FDA 483 inspection observations and Warning Letters. In 2014 alone, FDA conducted more than 38,000 inspections and issued 8,457 Form 483s—inspection observations that, in the

How do you mend a broken heart? By converting fat cells into stem cells that can help that vital organ repair itself

Editor’s Note: This article is written by Jeannie Kever and discusses the recent research from the University of Houston. There has been little time to savor the successes of the moment as Dr. Robert Schwartz and members of his lab push relentlessly toward their goal. Their goal is to begin clinical trials that will showcase how common fat cells, treated

MNX Global Logistics opens new Life Sciences Logistics Center in Amsterdam

MNX Global Logistics announces the opening of its dedicated supply chain and logistics facility in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, located just outside of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This facility with validated temperature-controlled supply chain capabilities will serve as the operations and warehousing hub for its life sciences and medical device customers throughout Europe. “The demand for our services

Lucideon adds impingement testing to its range of orthopedic implant testing services

Lucideon, the international materials technology company, has added impingement testing to its range of services for orthopedic implant manufacturers. Impingement testing assesses wear caused by motion beyond the joint’s natural limit, mimicking in vivo conditions. Such testing can help manufacturers to approximate the longevity of an implant, but more importantly, predict its ability to withstand

Material sourcing at engineers’ fingertips with new Sourcebook

Boyd Technologies announced the launch of its Sourcebook material sourcing website www.sourcebookmaterials.com. Sourcebook is a vertically integrated material sourcing solution developed by Boyd Technologies and focuses on improving search, comparison and sampling of advanced flexible materials. The website, which will launch at the EWMA tradeshow in London, will display the specifications of thousands of advanced

CCS Rotary Stages from Aerotech

A new series of rotary stages from Aerotech features integral pneumatic collet chucks for automated material handling. The CCS series (U.S. patent pending) supports precision laser machining and micromachining of tubular products in plastics, metals and many other materials. It is particularly suited for cylindrical tube laser machining of medical products including stents and fine

Insights: Booth duty

For the most part, industrial tradeshows are necessary evils. People who don’t travel (especially spouses) seem to think they’re comprised of an endless array of fantastic locales, amazing meals and endless partying. The reality is more about sore feet and legs, unhealthy convention center food, excessively long customer dinners, and that dreaded phrase: “booth duty.”

Solving Assembly Challenges in Reduced Footprint Applications

Smaller, lighter, and thinner electronic devices and their inherently restrictive design envelopes present several challenges on the road to  their assembly and manufacture. Hardware for component attachment must perform reliably, despite the shrinking and limited footprints for fastener placement and installation. In addition, designers face reduced parts counts for weight savings and production economies. An entirely