Medical Design and Outsourcing Digital Edition 2015 Medical Device Handbook


Welcome to the first edition of Medical Design & Outsourcing’s annual medical device compendium.

The medical device category covers a wide range of products, from 3D printing to design services, such as product development. Add in the myriad components and materials used to make each device, and you’re looking at thousands of different products used to assemble these life-improving – and often life-saving – devices.

We’ve attempted to assemble a guideline covering some of the more important product categories used to design and manufacture medical devices. Whether you’re coming to this handbook as a seasoned veteran, looking for a refresher on a particular topic or component, or you’re new to the industry, we’ve got you covered.

We especially appreciate feedback from our audience and always welcome more. Please let us know how we’re doing as we look for ways to improve. Is there something we’ve missed? Do you want more detail, or less? You’re welcome to send any feedback directly to me at, Founding Editor Paul Dvorak at, or Managing Editor Nic Abraham at

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Brad Perriello
Executive Editor

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  1. MTD Micro Molding says:

    Really enjoyed this issue. Very informative and helpful to suppliers and OEMs alike in the medical device industry.

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