Acorn Regulatory streamlines approval process drug-device manufacturers

Acorn Regulatory, an ISO-certified medical device and pharmaceutical consulting firm, is streamlining procedures for U.S. manufacturers of drug-device combinations with customized programs that successfully overcome challenges in meeting European regulatory approvals. Focusing on small to mid-size companies, Acorn Regulatory has put in place a comprehensive step-by-step process that provides the correct regulatory pathway for medical

Olympus offers next-day product replacement guarantee for medical devices

Olympus, a medical and surgical procedures solutions company, announced that it is guaranteeing next-day replacements for surgical equipment at no additional charge. Olympus is the first surgical product manufacturer to offer this type of guarantee. The service became available to customers with an Olympus Full Service Agreement earlier this year. “Canceled procedures can be costly for healthcare facilities

Vicon captures a new development in motion capture (mocap)

Vicon announced the launch of its new flagship camera platform, the Vicon Vantage. Drawing on over 30 years’ of motion capture (mocap) experience, the Vantage platform combines innovative technology with accessible design to open up motion capture to a broader audience. Vicon is a motion capture technology specialist company for science and life industries. Advances in

Silicone: Expanding the horizon for modern medical devices

Editor’s note: This article comes from Albright Technologies a manufacturer of custom silicone prototypes and provides volume production for medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, and other applications. Silicone materials have been around for more than 70 years. Beginning in the 1960s, silicones have played an important and evolving part in products designed for the medical field. Since that time,

Albright Technologies expands their silicone offerings

Albright Technologies, a rapid silicone prototyper, has added silicone injection molding tooling and services to its product lineup. Liquid silicone injection molding became a suitable product offering as Albright expanded its offerings to better serve the silicone molding market. While silicone prototypes are commonly manufactured with low volumes in mind; injection molded liquid silicone rubber parts are

Building lean bodies and programs at UNC Health Care

In the healthcare industry, employees are constantly seeking ways to continuously improve and increase the quality and safety of a facility. UNC Health Care, awarded 19 times for its leadership in quality and safety, came to Magnatag for products to implement its recent lean six-sigma projects in its OB/GYN department. “I am using the Magnatag

Strategic patents can strengthen your innovation

In today’s innovation economy, a medical device company’s success depends on the strength and value of its patent portfolio. Recent statistics from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) show the issue rate for new medical device patents is exploding. In fact, the number of medical device patents issued by the USPTO has increased each

Conair equipment simplifies cleanrooms

The Conair Group is introducing MedLine, a range of auxiliaries to help medical plastics processors select, install, commission and start up white rooms and cleanrooms faster and with less paperwork than previously possible. The company has 170 units in all for molding and extruding of medical parts. The units combine features of ISO Class 7

Design for Manufacturability opens doors to lower medical device costs

Engineers at Norman Noble, Inc. (NNI) say that product design contributes significantly to the overall cost of the finished medical device. Therefore, medical device OEMs that have the foresight to consider manufacturing and design issues upfront, can shorten their product development time, minimize development cost and ensure a smooth transition into production for quick time-to-market.

A Brief History of Neuromodulation Devices: How Parylene coatings improve

For over 40 years, SCS Parylene conformal coatings have provided protection to numerous medical devices and components, including those used in neuromodulation. Neuromodulation, the electric stimulation of a specific nerve or set of nerves, for an intended purpose, has been successfully used for many years to improve a wide range of medical conditions. As researchers

GW Plastics introduces in-house LSR tooling

With the benefits of in-house mold design-and-build, GW Plastics announces the expansion of in-house, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) tooling at their affiliate, GW Silicones. Shortly after founding GW Silicones, the company realized that offering in-house tooling capabilities would maximize efficiency and component quality, as well as improve responsiveness to clients. Understanding the differences and complexities of

Pepping up PEP: Launching of new Design & Additive Manufacturing Center

Precision Engineered Products’s (PEP) new “Design & Additive Manufacturing Center,” which opens in August 2015, already has several projects underway, particularly prototyping projects using the center’s advanced capabilities. Carl Anderson, general manager at the Design & Additive Manufacturing Center, explained that the original concept was to establish a strong design and additive manufacturing presence for

ApiFix reaches another milestone in AIS treatment with its new device

ApiFix Ltd. announces that the company’s ApiFix system has now been used to correct scoliosis in 50 adolescents since the system was approved for marketing in Europe on June 15, 2015. ApiFix is a commercial-stage company that has developed the CE-marked ApiFix System, a non-fusion minimally invasive treatment alternative for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. “There is

Medical merge: PEP acquires Trigon

Precision Engineered Products (PEP), a manufacturer of medical devices and components, has acquired Trigon International, a company that specializes in design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly services for orthopedic products. End applications range from trauma, knee, hip, extremities and other instruments. The purchase of Trigon, in Aurora, Illinois, further increases PEP’s share in the orthopedic market.

Tegra Medical offers quick wire and hypotubing fix

Device prototyping and tests often need wire and hypotubing in short order. Providing a solution to this need, Tegra Medical presents its online store. Order for standard wire and hypotubing that are in store and inventory lengths can be shipped by 1 p.m. EST for next-day delivery. The materials available include: • Steel Wire • Nitinol