AVX introduces high reliability, low DCL tantalum SMD capacitors for medical applications

AVX, a manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced the new T4J Medical Series tantalum SMD capacitors. Specifically designed for use in implantable non-life-support and non-implantable life support medical applications, T4J Medical Series capacitors exhibit high standard reliability of fewer than 0.1% failures per 1,000 hours at 25° C and rated voltage, which

Gain access to various tips and tricks to planning component and assembly designs with the new Design Guide

Design engineers will find Minnesota Rubber and Plastics’s latest “Design Guide” useful in planning their component and assembly designs. Available in handy USB business card format, this Design Guide has hundreds of useful ideas for designing and manufacturing custom-molded rubber and plastic parts. The purpose of this 115-page Design Guide is to better understand processes, materials

Offering more options and flexibility, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics present custom miniature components

Enhanced component or assembly performance often requires advanced polymers including custom blends. This is particularly true designing fluid delivery systems, or for many static or dynamic applications. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics molds miniature components for these devices using custom blends of polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polycarbonate, polysulphone, Nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, FKM and EPDM elastomers. Many

Graphene-based film can be used for efficient cooling of electronics

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have developed a method for efficiently cooling electronics using graphene-based film. The film has a thermal conductivity capacity that is four times that of copper. Moreover, the graphene film is attachable to electronic components made of silicon, which favors the film’s performance compared to typical graphene characteristics shown in

Applied Silver launches SilvaClean, silver treatment for textiles

Applied Silver, Inc, is launching SilvaClean, a state-of-the-art silver treatment for textiles, at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology’s (APIC) forty-second Annual Conference taking place at the Music City Center in Nashville, from June 27 through June 29. Hospitals have invested significantly in reducing the potential of infection through products and processes designed

Two-Component technology for improved quality of life

In the field of injection molding and mold making, toolcraft covers all processes within the added value chain–from the design and selection of materials through to the creation of finished and qualified products. Complete solutions offered include injection molding for parts in the small and extremely small component areas, e.g. for medical technology. Utilizing two-component

Interface Catheter Solutions unveils an automated balloon inspection system

Interface Catheter Solutions recently announced that its new Auto-i 360 balloon visual and dimensional inspection system upgrades significantly reduce cycle times. Interface completed recent Gage R&R (repeatability and reproducibility) analyses of the Auto-i 360. Results show that the system is accurate, consistent and reliable for balloon inspection processes. Furthermore, the Auto-i 360 significantly reduces inspector-to-inspector

Zeus expands PTFE profiles for Medical Applications

Zeus Aeos ePTFE products are made by expanding extruded PTFE, under controlled conditions, during the manufacturing process. This process alters the physical properties of the product by creating microscopic pores in the structure of the material. The resulting product is imparted with unique physical properties that make it ideal for use in a host of

Anatomy of the Direct Metal Printing Process

Direct Metal Printing uses additive manufacturing technology. In the machine, a high-precision laser is directed to metal powder particles in order to selectively build up thin subsequent horizontal metal layers. The metal powder particles pinpointed by the laser quickly and fully melt so that the new material properly attaches to the previous layer, without glue

Teleflex Medical OEM expands production capacity for bioresorbable sutures, fibers, and resins

Teleflex Medical OEM announced a significant expansion of its manufacturing infrastructure and production capabilities for bioresorbable sutures, fibers, and resins. The multi-million dollar investment at the Mansfield, Massachusetts facility includes expanded production and clean room areas, a new customer support center, and additional areas for research and development activities. “The Mansfield expansion exemplifies our commitment

Spun PTFE make a fabric for filters, covering stents, and more

Zeus Bioweb is a material produced by electrospinning PTFE into polymeric fibers with extremely small thicknesses that range from nano- to microscale. These electrospun fibers form materials producing a broad range of fiber and fabric properties. Electrospun membrane products and covering are suitable for medical and industrial applications, including specialty filtration media and coverings for

Miniature Fairloc bellows couplings for medical applications

Designatronics, a distributor of comprehensive mechanical solutions for critical motion control applications is pleased to introduce a new line of couplings. Sterling Instrument’s Miniature Fairloc bellows couplings are zero backlash, easy to install, and corrects for angular and parallel axis misalignment. Readily repositioned, the miniature couplings dampen vibration and noise making them a well suited

Branson helps Invisible Sentinel launch significant food safety testing device

In 2006, Invisible Sentinel began development of a device that would detect food-borne pathogens at the molecular level. Such molecular-level detection typically requires a laboratory and expensive equipment, not very practical for food processors striving to meet strict government food-safety standards. When in development, the Veriflow device showed it could provide molecular-level detection of pathogens

Smalley introduces low profile retaining rings

Retaining Rings for Shallow Groove Depths Smalley’s Hoopster Retaining Rings offer an innovative way to retain mechanical components when space is a problem. Hoopsters have a minimal radial projection and a shallow groove depth. Hoopsters are available from .375″ to 3″ or 10 mm to 73 mm in both carbon and 302 stainless steel. The

Webinar from METTLER TOLEDO on data integrity

Mettler-Toledo announced an upcoming webinar entitled “The Importance of Data Integrity in a GXP Regulated Laboratory,” featuring independent consultant Bob McDowall as guest presenter. Data integrity is a critical component of pharmaceutical product quality and the information submitted to regulatory agencies. However, in recent years an increasing number of inspections have revealed incomplete data, the