CCS Rotary Stages from Aerotech

A new series of rotary stages from Aerotech features integral pneumatic collet chucks for automated material handling. The CCS series (U.S. patent pending) supports precision laser machining and micromachining of tubular products in plastics, metals and many other materials. It is particularly suited for cylindrical tube laser machining of medical products including stents and fine

Disc Couplings for Highly Accurate Systems

Ruland offers both single and double disc style couplings for highly accurate systems found in industries such as test and measurement, medical, semiconductor, solar, and liquid handling. Disc couplings have low inertia and are torsionally stiff making them suitable for precise zero-backlash systems with speeds up to 10,000 rpm. Ruland single disc coupling, clamp style,

Developments In Precision Positioning Stages with High Speed Range

High-precision linear stages used for applications such as surface measurement in life sciences, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries often require two distinctly different modes of motion. A rapid mode usually is needed to change locations quickly in the workspace, which might then be followed by very slow motion for finer focusing and resolution. The traditional

Grease-free Bearings Eliminate Maintenance in Lab Equipment

A manufacturer of scientific instruments and lab equipment recently replaced its recirculating ball bearings with DryLin R linear bearings because the recirculating units required frequent maintenance and re-lubrication — time consuming and expensive processes. The new bearings are dry running and do not require external oils or greases. This feature is especially important for medical

Ball Screw Helps Device Simulate Breathing Conditions

Ventilator management is paramount to intensive care, but clinical training may not provide medical students with adequate experience in this area. Hands-on work in adjusting the ventilator to changing patient parameters in real time is invaluable to understanding the process. To aid medical educational programs, Stefan Frembgen, president, IngMar Medical, a company that specializes in

Light Weight Micro Manipulator System from Steinmeyer

Steinmeyer, Inc. announced a new high precision, light weight, micro manipulator stage MT 105-50-LM. This stage is an excellent choice for applications in the semiconductor metrology, biomedical, miniature robotics and laser industry. With a sleek low profile design, it has a footprint of 105 mm x 151 mm, height of only 25 mm and amazingly

Custom Positioning Systems for Medical Technology

Steinmeyer, Inc. offers custom motion systems for the life sciences market. Typical applications include cell inspection, resonance scanners, computer tomography and precision dispensing systems. These high precision systems are specifically designed to fit customer requirements for accuracy, repeatability, environment, load capacity and space constraints. By offering cost effective custom solutions, Steinmeyer is able to provide

EPSON Introduces S5-Series 6-Axis Robot Lineup

EPSON Robots introduces the new EPSON S5-Series 6-Axis Robot Lineup. S5-Series are high speed, mid size 6-axis robots with a small footprint and advanced flexibility for even the most demanding and complex applications. “EPSON S5-Series robots provide superior performance along with industry leading PC based controls” stated Michael Ferrara, Director of EPSON Robots. “One of

Compact 9 mm Mechanical Encoder from CUI

CUI Inc announces a compact 9 mm addition to their ACZ series of flexible mechanical encoders. The 2-bit quadrature ACZ09 series encoder can be configured into over 1,000 different versions. The encoders have a rotational life of 30,000 cycles and are rugged, utilizing metal material where similar models would use plastic. This series is ideal

Worm gear assembly focuses on longer service life for instrumentation

Few users approach the level of accuracy and repeatability requirements of Bruker AXS, a Madison, Wis., manufacturer of analytical instruments for the pharmaceutical industry and other markets. The company’s D8 Series of analytical diffractometers are typically found in research labs and R&D facilities at academic institutions as well as industrial locations. The systems address a

Plastic Bearings and Linear Guides Put the Moves on MRI-guided Robot

Edited by: Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor Reprint Info >> Equipment for use with MRIs faces several unique challenges, not the least of which is dealing with the magnetics. These researchers met those challenges with piezoelectric and plastic components. Mechanical systems play crucial, functional roles in any mechatronic design. For PhD candidate Hao Su and Professor

ORMEC Premieres Library of Motion Control Videos

ORMEC premieres a comprehensive library of motion control videos at . The videos feature the XD-Indexer, a single axis integrated controller and servo drive and its easy-to-use table based software, MotionSetTM. Follow the step-by-step instructions and learn how to use MotionSet software to reduce project set-up and commissioning time. Pre-defined ‘load and go’ application

Improve Packaging Machines with Predictive-Maintenance “Sensing”

By Dan Throne, Industry Sector Manager, Bosch Rexroth Corp., Hoffman Estates, Ill. The concept of human protective reflexes applied to a packaging machine’s drive in the form of diagnostics and predictive maintenance helps detect and avert costly mechanical breakdowns. Predictive maintenance capabilities are built directly into the electronics of these intellegent servo drives. In recent

This time, with feeling

By Chris Grujon, TenAsys Corp. Beaverton, Ore. Real-time operating system software helps provide tactile sense to medical robotics applications No matter how many motion axes are involved and regardless of whether the movement is fast or slow, high-end robotics applications share the need for determinism. The system that controls the robot needs to keep precise

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches updated iPhone App

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has launched an updated version of the recently released iPhone app “ISO Fits & Tolerances” that allows switching between inch and metric measurements. Providing results based on the ISO 286 System of Limits and Fits, the updated version also adds additional tolerance classes and is available in English, Spanish, German and Dutch.