Value-based care: CMS’s new administrator wants more of it

Seven months into her tenure, CMS administrator Seema Verma is turning out to be highly supportive of value-based care models. In fact, she recently told an audience in Cleveland that she wants them implemented faster. The situation appears to dispel doubts that alternative payment models – such as Accountable Care Organizations or “comprehensive care” models for

This lab-on-a-chip is bringing point-of-care diagnostics to smartphones

A new diagnostic platform that works using a smartphone is making point-of-care diagnostics easier for infectious diseases. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Washington at Tacoma developed a device that diagnoses infectious diseases at the point-of-care. The devices uses a smartphone as the detection instrument with a test kit

CMS spikes Medicare Advantage data release at the last minute

Medicare Advantage, privately run health plans paid for by Medicare, have covered an increasing number of seniors and disabled people in recent years. More than 1/3 of the 58 million Medicare beneficiaries opt for these non-traditional plans. The government has been collecting data about the care delivered to these enrollees since 2012. Last year, it

The top medtech stories of early 2017

The new Trump administration and Republican Congress – and all the accompanying change and uncertainty –is the major story for the medical device industry. But there are many other medtech stories worth noting from the first quarter of 2017. There was an FDA warning over Abbott’s Absorb bioresorbable stent, a continued spate of M&A deals, a

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Senate confirms Price as HHS chief

The Senate confirmed Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) to head the Health & Humans Services Dept. in a 52-47 vote early this morning. No Democratic senator voted to support the new administration’s nominee, but he was passed through in the Republican-majority Senate. Democrats spent hours last night protesting his confirmation, pushing the vote until 2 A.M.

Trump and medtech: What people in the industry think

Many MDO and MassDevice readers think permanent medical device tax repeal should be a top priority for President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress. Many say the new administration will be good for medtech, too. Those were two of the major takeaways among nearly 100 MDO and MassDevice readers responding to an online survey. There are

Healthcare industry braces for change on Trump’s executive order

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday that could scale back enforcement of some provisions of the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, and analysts warned that shares of hospitals and Medicaid providers could face new pressure as fears over losing coverage grow. President Trump wrote that government departments should “waive, defer, grant

Trump’s HHS pick defends ACA repeal and replacement

President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Health and Human Services Department secretary—Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.)—maintained during a Senate committee hearing on Wednesday that the incoming administration wants to make sure everyone still has access to health insurance after an ACA repeal. But Price also presented a radically different version from the Obama administration when it comes to

Securing mobile medical equipment with electronic access

Steve Spatig / General Manager of Electronic Access Solutions / Southco In modern medical practice, efficiency is key. Newer technologies allow for the mobility of medical equipment, letting personnel bring medical supplies and machines closer to patients, whether they are in the emergency room or an emergency vehicle. But with this improved accessibility, how can

Quality Metrics: FDA’s plan for a key set of measurements to help ensure manufacturers are producing quality medications

Editor’s Note: This article is written by Ashley Boam and Mary Malarkey from the “FDA Voice” blog. Boam is an FDA’s acting Director of the Office of Policy for Pharmaceutical Quality, the Office of Pharmaceutical Quality and the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Malarkey is an FDA’s Director if the Office of Compliance and Biologics Quality

VC funding in healthcare comes in at $1.2 billion in Q2 2015

Mercom Capital Group, a global communications and research firm, released its report on funding and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity for the Healthcare Information Technology (IT) and Digital Health sector for the second quarter of 2015. Mercom’s comprehensive report covers deals of all sizes across the globe. Healthcare IT VC Funding Q2 2014 to Q2

Mobile apps could be more medical than you think, and the FDA will notice

The infiltration of apps into everyday life—and everyday healthcare—has fostered many new opportunities for medical businesses. Apps are programs that run on cell phones and other mobile devices. There are many tantalizing prospects. They range from being able to develop new and supportive app products that boost patient care to those that aim to help

Texas dentists for medicaid reform responding to tough new regulatory environment

Nestled within its 900-plus pages of legalese, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ACA, requires healthcare providers participating in federal programs to have an effective compliance program in place. For providers without deep pockets, the burden of this mandate is tremendous – a full-time compliance officer typically earns a six-figure salary. To help