What is the future of medtech in 2018?


Healthcare policy

“In 2018, I see increases in the uninsured population due to the unraveling of Obamacare, especially with [the] children’s insurance program and Medicaid.” —Debbie Donovan, senior director, corporate marketing, EndoGastric Solutions


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  1. Alok Sharma says:

    In the year 2018, device industry must cohesively work more with Pharma companies to add value to the life of the patients. The disease and the disease patterns are changing & so the long term outcomes. Doctors / practitioners/ Companies & regulatory authorities must look at the side effects of post implantation of a device and prescribe medications so that long term outcomes of the patients are better with low side effects. Not all patients globally have an insurance Cover. Adipose tissue derived autologous Stem Cells treatment must get speedy approvals from regulatory authorities.

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