Medtech stories we missed this week: Dec. 29, 2017


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From NanoVibronix’s new Indian regulatory and distribution agreement to Guided Therapeutics’s Turkish distribution deal, here are five medtech stories we missed this week but thought were still worth mentioning.

1. NanoVibronix inks deal with Indian regulatory and distribution consultant

NanoVibronix announced in a Dec. 20 press release that it has signed Morulaa HealthTech as its regulatory and marketing partner in India. Morulaa HealthTech will help bring NanoVibronix’s products to India, including its UroShield, WoundShield and PainShield. Morulaa HealthTech also has an in-house regulatory team and an established third-party distribution network across India in both rural and urban areas.

2. K2M wins CE Mark for Capri cervical cage

K2M has received CE Mark for its Capri Cervical 3D Expandable Corpectomy Cage System with Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology, according to a Dec. 20 press release. The Capri Cervical 3D Expandable is the first and only 3D-printed expandable device on the market that helps with in-situ height expansion and endplate angulation in the cervical spine. K2M’s cage system also stabilizes the cervical spine in vertebral body resections that happen from trauma or tumor.

3. China clears Impulse Dynamic’s Optimizer cardiac failure device

Impulse Dynamics announced in a Dec. 18 press release that the China Food and Drug Administration has approved its Optimizer system for treatment of chronic heart failure. The device delivers non-excitatory Cardiac Contractility Modulation signals to the heart to help create multiple biochemical and neurohormonal changes to the myocardium. The myocardium contractility increase and causes no concomitant increase in oxygen consumption which allows for the heart to work more efficiently.

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