Microinnovation: what paper towels have to teach us about medtech


paper towels medtech microinnovation

[Image by managing editor Chris Newmarker]

How can you double the efficiency of a paper towel? Turns out you don’t need to reformulate or make the paper thicker. Instead, you find a simple concept that offers users a new way to think about the product. That’s what happened when paper towel manufacturers began producing the half-sized sheet.

Roger Smith thinks the medical industry is ripe for this type of innovation. Smith is chief technology officer for Florida Hospital’s Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement. In this podcast, he discusses a concept called “microinnovation” with Medical Design & Outsourcing senior editor Heather Thompson. He says microinnovation can be disruptive because it offers a new and value-conscious way to think about healthcare product development. Find out why there is potential for microinnovation to upend the healthcare ecosystem.

(Learn from some of the medical device industry’s top executives and experts at DeviceTalks Boston on Oct. 2.)

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