Minnesota Rubber and Plastics touting elastomers at MD&M Minneapolis


MNRubberandPlasticMDMMinnesota Rubber and Plastics announced that it will be showcasing its Quniton materials and Qmonix elastomer at MD&M Minneapolis on Nov. 8–9.

The Quniton materials are designed for medical developers who need high-performance lubricious materials with permanent, low coefficient of friction surface properties. It minimizes friction, wear and abrasion in medical valves, plungers, caps and seals.

Quniton materials also have a biocompatibility USP Class IV and ISO 1099305 certification of base materials. It is able to resist severe chemical exposure to acids, bases and solvents and has a thermal stability at temperatures up to 500ºF. Because of its low coefficient of friction, Quniton materials can be bonded or stuck to a variety of materials to itself.

Its USP Class VI certified Qmonix Elastomer 912T is used in biocompatible applications where tear resistance and mechanical durability are needed. The Qmonix elastomer is a low compression set and is water and steam resistant. It has high dielectric strength and has been ISO-10993-5 tested and meets USP Class VI requirements.

“Application potential for Qmonix 912T includes endoscope (trocar) seals, electrosurgical devices, implantable pulse generators and pacemakers, trocar, as well as our branded products such as Quad Brand O-Rings, Quad-Ring Seals and Quad Brand Ground Rubber Balls. We are excited to bring this material to market and certain medical device manufacturers will benefit greatly with use in their demanding applications,” said Lih Fang Chew, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics global VP of marketing MedPharma.

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