How to mitigate heating in a handheld surgical tool

Here are two main sources of power losses, and hence heating, when it comes to handheld surgical tool motors. Urs Kafader, Maxon Motor Motors operated at the rated torque limit can get very hot. In continuous operation, the winding can reach 155 °C, resulting in a housing temperature of some 120 °C. No surgeon would

ABM offers new traction drive system solutions

ABM is touting new traction drive system solutions for medical machine travel motion control and electric vehicles. The solutions are available as bevel gearboxes, helical gearboxes and hub wheel drives. The drives are efficient and quiet, according to the company, and can be used in forklifts, pallet trucks and sweeper/scrubbers. ABM motors and drive systems

Maxon Motor touts sterilizable drive system

Maxon Motor has introduced what it says is the first sterilizable steam sterilizable encoder – the ENX Easy. The ENX Easy is a sterilizable encoder for use with Maxon’s brushless DC motors. Maxon officials say the ENX Easy opens new possibilities in medical technology. The ENX Easy’s compact and robust design is especially ideal for power tools, according to

These custom ABM Drives synchronous motors can operate without an encoder

The Sinochron motor design from ABM Drives (Loveland, Ohio) offers advantages in continuous duty applications. The efficiency is also better in partially loaded duty cycles when compared to standard asynchronous motors. Drive units are virtually loss-free in no-load operation. This motor design offers advantages in powering conveying equipment; escalators, spooling machines, compressors and traction drive units

7 disruptive innovations from medical device suppliers

Medical device innovation doesn’t just come from small, single-product startups – contract manufacturers are increasingly a part of developing truly disruptive medtech.  Chris Newmarker, Managing Editor People sometimes make the mistake of viewing innovation as the product of a few geniuses and mavericks. But in fact, it is often the result of teamwork, as the writer

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Micromo CEO Faulhaber passes away at 68

Fritz Faulhaber passed away on Feb. 6 at the age of 68, surrounded by his loving family. He became president of Micromo Electronics (Clearwater, Fla.) in 1981 and a partner in Fritz Faulhaber (Schönaich, Germany) in 1985. He was actively involved as chairman of the supervisory boards for all subsidiaries of the Faulhaber Group, with

Here’s how exosuits affect your joints

People who wear soft exosuits use 23% less energy when walking while also reducing stress on their ankle joints, according to a recently published study out of Harvard. The researchers previously showed that a soft robotic exosuit could lower energy expenditures in healthy people who need to carry things on their backs, but the new research shows

Maxon Motor spending $30 million on new Innovation Center

Maxon Motor is investing roughly $30 million (CHF 30 million) to add a new Innovation Center to its headquarters in Switzerland. The expansion construction of the new Innovation Center is set to begin in February and expected to be completed and ready for use by summer 2018. The construction of the new Innovation Center is

Comparing spur versus planetary gearheads

Maxon Precision Motors Inc. The two most common and readily available gearhead designs are the spur and planetary versions. Each has benefits and drawbacks depending on the particular application. Spur gearheads are designed in such a way that two gears (a single stage) work together to increase the torque potential of the driving motor. Each

What are the pros and cons of dc brush and brushless motors?

Micromo, a division of Faulhaber One advantage of dc motors is the linear relationship that allows for predictable operation. For instance under cold conditions, the torque constant KM is the approximate motor torque production per ampere of current (In metric units: mNm/A). This is also true under warm conditions, but the thermodynamic effects on the torque constant and motor performance

What are AC motors?

Motors powered by alternating current are considerably different from those powered by direct current (DC). AC motors come in a variety of designs, but each has two major components: The stator or stationary parts and the rotor or rotating components. The stator is made of sheet-steel laminations. The slotted inner surface holds coil windings that

New high speed motor for medical devices and equipment from Allied Motion

Allied Motion announces the availability of a new high speed brushless motor engineered specifically for the rigors of medical ventilator duty. The new 28 mm, 24 V ResMax 28 brushless motor is engineered to achieve high speed (up to 90,000 RPM) with great dynamic responsiveness (0 to 50,000 rpm in only 20 ms, unloaded), exceptional

Reduce the size of your stepper drive

Applied Motion Products, innovators of step motor drives, integrated motors and closed loop stepper systems, are pleased to announce the newest development in the STR family of stepper drives. The STR3 Miniature Advanced Microstep Drive is the most compact drive in the family, specifically designed for OEM multi-axis applications requiring excellent performance and step &