MPR presenting devices and mobile monitoring at DeviceTalks Boston


MPR is working to solve energy shortages by helping to develop the next generation of technologies and improving the operations of existing power plants and is applying advanced technologies to ensure cleaner air and water. MPR is developing medical devices and biotechnology products that offer solutions to world health problems, and its on the frontier of smart technologies, developing innovative improvements to make critical systems more secure.

Featured technologies: Single-use devices, implant delivery devices, mobile monitoring

  • Single-use devices: One of the single-use devices that MPR will be showcasing is a hemostatic trauma clamp (iTClamp) that is a single-use device designed for low-cost and intuitive use by military and civilian EMTs. The device was developed for Innovative Trauma Care.
  • Implant delivery devices: MPR will be presenting a proof of concept and clinical prototype implant device (LATERA) developed to treat nasal valve collapse for Spirox Med. 
  • Mobile monitoring: The mobile monitoring that MPR will be showcasing is a wireless spirometer system with handheld wireless expiratory pressure and flow sensing. The system has an iPad GUI to provide incentive feedback and cloud connectivity. This internal R&D project has become a proof of concept test platform and investigational tool for 3 different startup companies over the last 3 years. It was created for Vixiar.

Visit MPR at booth #206 at DeviceTalks Boston. And hear from MPR’s Jeff Champagne at the show.

(Learn from some of the medical device industry’s top executives and experts at DeviceTalks Boston on Oct. 2.)

From the Hospital Bed to the Finish Line

textadimage Heidi Dohse was diagnosed with a rare arrhythmia in 1982 and has been 100% pacemaker dependent for over 30 years. With the help of wearable devices, she has been able to pursue her dream to become a competitive cyclist.

You can hear her story and more when you register for DeviceTalks Boston, October 8-10.


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