MR Solutions offers MRI imaging solution for cardiologists


mrsolutions-logoMR Solutions has created 9.4 tesla cryogen-free, preclinical scanners that are ideal for use among cardiologists.

The new helium-free Flexiscan and Powerscan scanners are powerful and have multi-modality by integrating PET and SPECT capabilities. The Flexiscan doesn’t need a specialist to operate and can be used by running pre-defined settings.

The SPECT image system works by MR Solutions-developed system that uses 4 gamma camera heads and a focusing collimator that are easily clipped to the front of the bore of an MRI scanner. These components can provide 3D SPECT images. The SPECT images can then be used with the MRI images to give anatomical-functional combined capability.

The SPECT gamma camera is also able to be used on its own.

The PET imaging uses solid-state detectors that are incorporated in the bore of the MRI scanner. The scanner uses the structural and functional characterizations of the tissue that the MRI gave and combines it with the sensitivity of PET imaging for metabolism and to track uniquely labelled call types of cell receptors. This technique is ideal for use in oncology, cardiology and neurology research.

Guildford, England-based MR Solutions develops and manufactures preclinical MRI technology and is the only company to have a commercial cryogen free 3T to 9.4T range of preclinical benchtop MRI scanners.

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