MW Industries launches MW Industries Medical Solutions


MW Industries Medical Solutions MW Industries – a maker of springs, specialty fasteners, machined parts and other precision components – today announced the launch of a medtech-focused MW Industries Medical Solutions.

MW Industries (Rosemont, Ill.) will be touting its capabilities this week in New York at MD&M East (Booth 721).

MW Industries Medical Solutions’s business involves precision metal components for drug delivery and surgical devices including biologics, inhalers and auto-injectors.

“Medical devices and other healthcare products require precision metal components to ensure that they work exactly as they are intended. MW Industries Medical Solutions brings together an experienced knowledge base with unprecedented engineering bandwidth. Our market basket of products and our custom solutions are specifically designed and manufactured for healthcare products,” MW Industries CEO John Bagnuolo said in a news release.

“Our mission is to enable our OEM and contract manufacturing partners to bring products to market more quickly and cost-effectively,” Bagnuolo said.

The MW Industries Medical Solutions companies include:

  • Economy Spring (Southington, Conn.), which makes custom precision wire forms, metal stampings, compression springs, torsion springs and product assemblies;
  • Servometer (Cedar Grove, N.J.) which produces miniature bellows, flexible shaft couplings, contact springs and bellows assemblies;
  • BellowsTech (Ormond Beach, Fla.), which markets edge-welded bellows and assemblies;
  • Helical Products (Santa Maria, Calif.), which makes tight tolerance custom flexible couplings and machined springs.

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