Eagle Pharmaceuticals execs talk FDA Fast Track Designation for RYANODEX

Today we have Eagle Pharmaceuticals President & CEO, Scott Tarriff and Adrian Hepner, M.D., PhD, EVP Clinical Research, Regulatory & Medical Affairs. Eagle Pharmaceuticals recently announced that the FDA granted Fast Track Designation to their product, RYANODEX, for treatment of exertional heat stroke. The Fast Track Designation highlights a serious, unmet medical need that exists

The Ohio State University researcher discusses new red dye-on paper test for preeclampsia

Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have designed an affordable, non-invasive “red dye-on paper” test to identify preeclampsia. They piloted a clinical study in resource-poor nations including Bangladesh, Mexico and South Africa. Preliminary results showed an 89% accuracy rate. Study author Dr. Kara Rood joins us to discuss the new testing method

TranS1 CEO discusses recent economic analysis and the benefits of AxiaLIF

Jeff Schell is the President & CEO of TranS1, a company focused on crafting products that solve spinal pathologies leading to excellent patient outcomes with minimal tissue trauma. TranS1 recently conducted an economic analysis of its AxiaLIF which identified many benefits including cost savings. In this podcast, Jeff discusses the study and AxiaLIF.

Calgary Scientific’s Jonathan Draper discusses Deconstructed PACS

Jonathan Draper is the Director of Product Management, Healthcare at Calgary Scientific. Jonathan directs the product roadmap and works closely with healthcare partners and institutions globally to develop innovative solutions that address clinical needs and meet the technical requirements of healthcare enterprises. He recently published an article titled, “Deconstructed PACS: Liberating Patient Images for Modern

BreviTest co-founder discusses technology that reduces diagnostic times

Dr. Dev Chatterjee has developed an ultra–fast diagnostic device that can diagnose Ebola in the time it takes to brew coffee. Chatterjee, co-founder of BreviTest, takes a novel approach that re-imagines the immunoassay method as serial reactions in connected microfluidic chambers, which eliminates the traditional requirement of multiple washes to comprehensively remove residual reactants. BreviTest’s

RPDS implant developed to treat wet AMD

Genentech is developing an investigational sustained delivery device, called the Ranibizumab Port Delivery System (RPDS). The device could lower the burden of treatment for people with wet age-related macular degeneration who receive injections of Lucentis. Genentech recently initiated a Phase II study, called LADDER to assess the efficacy and safety of the implant. Medical Director at

Medtech start ups: Finding market value and raising funds

Sean Macleod is an expert on the formation and market validation of medical therapeutic companies. He says the classic challenge for companies is taking the creative idea, science or technology, and turning it into a true market need. “The starting point of innovation really has to do with understanding the difference between solving a problem

MedTech Chat: Dr. John Patrick reveals his medical predictions for the future of healthcare

In celebration of “Back to the Future Day” on Oct. 21, 2015, Dr. John Patrick discussed his predictions for the future of healthcare. Dr. Patrick, renowned author and researcher, is the president of Attitude, LLC, where he provides healthcare and technology insight, and the former VP of Internet Technology at IBM where he worked for

Noninvasix CEO discusses using light and sound to reduce c-sections

Noninvasix is using light and sound to detect brain oxygenation levels in babies during active labor.  As an adjunct to ineffective fetal heart rate monitors used in the majority of U.S. hospital births, Noninvasix’s pre-clinical patient monitoring system enables obstetricians to promptly recognize if a fetus is in distress and take immediate, corrective action. With its

MedTech Chat: New hearing aid designed for earbud damaged ears

Dr. Srekkant Cherukuri, an ear, nose, and throat doctor, is making hearing aids a cool and affordable techie-device with the new MDHearingAid FIT. The hearing aid is designed for younger audiences who have burned out their ears with earbuds or headphones. The “one-size-fits-most” hearing aids use the most current technology and are designed to provide

MedTech Chat: Opternative CEO talks digital eye exams

Using a computer and smartphone, Opternative enables a digital eye exam in about 25 minutes in a patient’s home. Within 24 hours an ophthalmologist reviews a patient’s results and can offer a prescription for glasses and contacts anywhere. The company is registered with FDA, and has IRB clinical data to show the product’s equivalence to

MedTech Chat: Dr. Patrick Kerr develops collar to reduce football injuries

KERR SPORTS is launching the Kerr Collar for the 2015 football season. The patented collar has been in development for 10 years with extensive research and testing done at the Virginia Tech Center for Injury Biomechanics and with Division 1 Football programs around the country. The goal of the Kerr Collar is to reduce some

MedTech Chat: Elastic technology for drug delivery

Dr. Zhen Gu and Dr. Yong Zhu from North Carolina State University are both co-senior authors of a research paper describing their recent work. Dr. Gu, Dr. Zhu and other researchers from North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a drug delivery technology that consists of an

Procyrion CEO discusses its life-changing pump designed to heal the heart

Ben Hertzog is the CEO of Procyrion, a Houston-based company that is developing Aortix, a custom designed pump built around a powerful micro-motor mounted on a set of expandable struts. Aortix is designed to rest and heal the heart by reducing afterload and improving blood flow to vital organs. Unlike other circulatory assist devices that

MasterControl’s CEO talks EQMS software and new partnerships

MasterControl offers a quality and compliance software that helps device companies speed time to market and improve their bottom lines. Under Jon’s leadership, the company has blossomed into a market leader and has a unique corporate culture that fosters growth, excellence and quality. In this podcast, MasterControl’s CEO, Jon Beckstrand, will discuss electronic quality management