Zeiss launches 2D super resolution mode for Airyscan

Zeiss recently announced that it has launched its new 2D super resolution mode that delivers 120 nm lateral resolution for its Airyscan. The new mode is a 32-channel GaAsP array detector that captures more spatial information than other confocal microscopes. The 2D super resolution uses the spatial information to make an optical section of 0.2

9 wearable medtech companies at the Wearable Technology Show

Digital health wearables are increasingly making medtech strides: They can measure heart vitals, temperature and even track when someone falls. The Wearable Technology Show 2018 — March 13–14 in London — is highlighting some of the latest wearable devices in the digital health realm. Showcased technologies include sensors to help orthopedic surgery patients, a watch to

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Qosina touts ergonomic slide clamps

Qosina is touting its slide clamps that have been an important part of the company since its founding in 1980. As one of the first products Qosina sold and one of its top-selling product lines, the company has evolved the original six slide clamps to add new innovative parts and remove old ones. Now, five

Covestro releases new polycarbonate with resistance to solvents, cleaning agents

Covestro has released Makrolon Rx3440, a material designed to withstand solvents found in oncology treatments — as well as cleaning agents. The medical polycarbonate offers durability and chemical resistance to help prevent cracking so that healthcare professionals can more safely deliver oncology drugs to patients. Cancer treatments are hard on plastics, noted Lauren Zetts, North America

Siemens launches industrial PCs for medical equipment market

Siemens recently announced that it plans to market a full suite of industrial personal computers and other similar products for the medical equipment market in North America. Siemens has the embedded and panel PC products assembled at its facility in Lebanon, Ohio. Assembling the industrial PCs in Ohio shortens lead times up to 40% for the

Stäubli touts new QMC system at NPE2018

Stäubli is showcasing its new injection molding workflow at NPE2018: The Plastics Show in Orlando, Fla. The company is demonstrating all of the essential process steps to achieve a fully automated injection molding machine. Stäubli’s workflow features networked industry 4.0-compatible components that allows single processes to coordinate and be optimized to make an automation solution that

Linak unveils new basic actuator system for hospital beds

Linak is touting a new OpenBus basic actuator system that the company says can be easily and cost-effectively introduced to adjustable healthcare applications including hospital beds. The solution, the company says, involves the control unit ACOM along with the control box CO41. Says Linak: “Combined with a number of linear actuators LA40 and the hand control HB70,

Portescap announces new autoclavable BLDC motor controller

Portescap (West Chester, Pa.) has introduced the CNT1530, a new autoclavable brushless DC motor controller that can drive large bone orthopedic handpiece motors. The CNT1530 is meant to provide a reliable, customizable solution to the orthopedic market. Says Portescap: “This new controller will help improve your surgical hand tool’s performance and reliability, and take your application

Sensirion releases pressure-resistant mass flow meter

Sensirion recently unveiled its SFM4200 digital mass flow meter that is designed to be used for gas mixing in medtech applications. The SFM4200 has a high pressure resistance that can be operated at pressures of up to 8 bar pressure. It can also measure flow rates up to 160 slm with a rapid signal processing

Qosina adds PenBlade safety scalpels to product line

Qosina recently announced that it’s adding single-use PenBlade safety scalpels to its product line, with the scalpels coming in surgical blade sizes #10, #11P and #15. The PenBlade’s rigid body is constructed of medical-grade ABS, and the blade is high-quality British stainless steel for improved sharpness and durability. The PenBlade is also ergonomicallydesigned and tapered for blade visibility. The pen-style activation

John Snow Labs launches natural language processing lab to improve patient care with AI

John Snow Labs recently announced that it has launched its natural language processing (NLP) library with healthcare-specific deep learning models to help developers create software applications that understand medical texts. The NLP library will give healthcare providers the ability to quickly process and interpret a variety of clinical texts like patient notes, lab reports, clinical

Oticon expands convenience of Opn hearing aids with ConnectClip

Oticon (Somerset, N.J.) recently released its ConnectClip device that is designed to improve the performance of its Internet-connected Opn hearing aids. ConnectClip is a lightweight intermediary device that, when synced with Opn hearing aids, turns the hearing aids into a wireless Bluetooth-enabled headset for Apple and Android devices. The device features a remote microphone that allows

Attivo Networks receives validation from BD for BOTsink cybersecurity solution

Attivo Networks recently announced that it has received validation through a BD Product Security Partner Program for its BOTsink cybersecurity deception solution when used with BD devices. The company recently expanded its IOT portfolio, and the BD collaboration will allow for improved detection capabilities against cyber threats that impact medical devices. The deception-based threat detection

This smartphone case monitors blood glucose on the go

University of California San Diego engineers have created a smartphone case that, when paired with an app, can make it easier for people with diabetes to track and record blood glucose levels on the go. “Integrating blood glucose sensing into a smartphone would eliminate the need for patients to carry a separate device,” Patrick Mercier,

MD&M West: 10 technologies you should know

MD&M West is one of the largest medical device manufacturing events in the world, so it’s easy to get lost on the show floor. Even if you were in Anaheim, Calif., for the event last week, you may have missed a lot. From a new robotics insights display from Rethink Robotics to a disinfectant-resistant plastic

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