Qioptiq introduces new X-ray diagnostics system


Qioptic SlimLine Excelitas Technologies

Qioptic’s SlimLine [Image courtesy of Qioptic]

Excelitas Technologies’ Qioptiq has introduced a new X-ray system lens and camera optimized for spine diagnostics.

SlimLine for X-ray Diagnostics featuring Spine Mode is meant to enable automatic optimization of overexposed images. The goal is maximum contrast and visibility of the spine.

When it is in its spine mode, SlimLine steadily searches for the interesting part of the picture. It optimizes exposure, iris and gain just for the interesting attributes, resulting in maximum visibility of all details of the spine, even though other parts of the picture are overexposed.

The system includes the SlimLine lens assembly and the QioCam X-ray camera. SlimLine lens assembly offers a high-performance combination of optics (lens elements), mechanics (housing, flange), and electronics (motor control board for Iris communication). The QioCam X-ray camera is based on the high resolution and sensitivity of the latest CMOS technology.

“Spine images are a common challenge for X-ray imaging,” Klaus Gotsch, product manager at Qioptiq, said in a news release.

“We designed SlimLine for X-ray Diagnostics featuring Spine Mode to address the market demand for an improved solution. Its advanced automatic optimization technology delivers maximum contrast and visibility without the need for manual adjustment,” Gotsch said.

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