Qosina touts ergonomic slide clamps


qosina-slide-clampsQosina is touting its slide clamps that have been an important part of the company since its founding in 1980.

As one of the first products Qosina sold and one of its top-selling product lines, the company has evolved the original six slide clamps to add new innovative parts and remove old ones. Now, five of the original six slide clamps remain.

The ergonomic slide clamps control the flow of fluid in a line and are cost-effective. They have a graduated opening that the tube passes through. The tube is then pushed into the narrow end of the opening where it clamps off and reduces or stops the flow of fluid.

Currently, Qosina sells about 50 off-the-shelf slide clamps in varying colors, size and configurations that can include open-jaw and closed.

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