Safe Orthopaedics releases connectors and cement injectables for spinal surgery


Safe Orthopaedics bone substituteSafe Orthopaedics has released its transverse connector that it designed to rigidify the stabilization of posterior spinal osteosynthesis, and a injectable cement for Cypress screws.

The cement injectables that go into the vertebrae improve the anchoring strength of Cypress screws. Improving the strength reduces the risk of postoperative instability and the need to have surgery again.

Osteoporosis and bone metastatic disease reduce bone density and make bones more brittle. Approximately 200 million women worldwide are affected by osteoporosis, with 8.9 million fractures happening annually, according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation.

“The solution proposed by Safe Orthopaedics improves considerably the options in Cypress screw fixation, by increasing its anchoring strength irrespective of bone quality, with the added possibility of injection cement into the vertebra during the procedure,” said Dr. Jörg Franke, orthopedic surgeon at Magdebourg Hospital in Germany and member of the Safe Orthopaedics scientific committee.

Safe Orthopaedics’ preassembled instruments reduce the risk of the cement leaking while the injection is put directly into the vertebrae with a single-use screwdriver. The injection of the cement directly into the screwdriver handle make the procedure easier and reduces operating time.

“With these additions to our range, which meet our availability and modularity requirements, we are now able to offer more options to surgeons to treat bone injuries associated with osteoporosis and metastases,” said Pierre Dumouchel, CEO of Safe Orthopaedics.

Safe Orthopaedics

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