Olympus launches endoscopic management system

Olympus has announced that it has launched its Unifia system, an endoscopic documentation, workflow and asset management software platform. The system is designed to help staff supervisors, infection prevention members and supply chain manager have a better understanding of the use, cleaning, reprocessing and storage of flexible endoscopes. Unifia uses built-in RFID technology and OER-Pro

Worcester Polytechnic Institute launches smart medical devices program

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has announced the launch of its new PracticePoint program that is designed to bring research, development and testing of medical devices under one roof. PracticePoint, with $17 million in initial funding, will focus on creating smart and secure medical devices that can interact with the physical world and improve patient-centric care.

Medtech stories we missed this week: July 21, 2017

From Second Sight’s South Korean market entry to Sanuwave’s Indonesian distribution deal, here are medtech stories we missed this week but thought were still worth mentioning. 1. Second Sight enters South Korea market Second Sight announced in a July 5 press release that it has entered the market in South Korea with the implantation of two

Gerresheimer launches new syringe safety solutions

Gerresheimer announced that it has acquired an exclusive license from West Pharmaceutical Services to complete its prefillable syringes portfolio with passive syringe safety solutions. “As a result of our long-standing partnership with the leading manufacturer of packaging components and delivery devices for parenteral drugs, we are pleased to have acquired the rights to market this

Piab adds wet-in-place functionality to vacuum conveyors

Piab has announced that it has added wet-in-place (WIP) functionality to its piFLOWp vacuum conveyors to ensure a safer work environment in pharmaceutical processing plants. The WIP spray nozzles are available for inclusion and retrofitting in new or existing piFLOWp conveying systems. The nozzles will wet any dust in food or pharmaceutical materials that were

West Pharmaceutical Services touts needle shield

West Pharmaceutical Services has expanded its product offerings to include the Rigid Needle Shield (RNS). The RNS helps add safety to profiled syringes with a staked needle. It also helps ensure the integrity of injectable drug products. “Pharmaceutical companies continue to look for drug packaging and delivery solutions that offer safety, efficiency and an improved

How to achieve better medical device outcomes through behavior change

Will Randall, ZS Associates I often pause in restaurant bathrooms, amused by the familiar signage above the sink: “Employees must wash hands before returning to work.” Surely everyone washes their hands. While these well-meaning but rather amusing signs are found all over the U.S., do they actually have any impact on improving hygiene practices? Probably

Infab introduces Revolution lead aprons

Infab Corp. is touting its new Revolution lead and lead-free aprons with Kiarmor, Infab’s proprietary bi-layer radiation protection core material. Kiarmor is the only core material in the world currently certified to IEC61331-1:2014 standards and the only lead-free core material to pass the stringent DIN standards, Infab noted in a news release yesterday. Lightweight Revolution aprons provide unrivaled

Improving the safety of imported foods through partnerships

By: Susan Mayne, Ph.D., Camille Brewer, M.S., R.D., and Donald Prater, D.V.M. At FDA, we recognize that the partnerships we build with other nations are key to our success in giving American consumers confidence in the safety of the foods they choose to serve their families. In passing the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA),

West Pharmaceutical Services introduces new drug delivery safety products

West Pharmaceutical Services, an injectable drug administration technology provider, has introduced two new products meant to improve drug delivery safety. The LyoSeal cap is all-plastic and provides instant sealing for lyophilized drug products. West designed the LyoSeal to minimize risks involved with established lyophilization processes while maintaining the necessary sealing requirements. The NovaGuard SA Pro

Robot in the cath lab takes surgeons out of radiation’s way

A recently devised robotic system aimed at cath-lab interventions reduces the radiation exposure of surgeons by 95% while still allowing precise sub-millimeter measurement and 1 mm advancement accuracy. Physicians who have used the equipment say that by optimizing stent selection and positioning, the CorPath Vascular Robotic System lets them position the right stent in the

New model for stroke care brings the hospital to the patient

In the U.S., the 2015 rate of stroke incidence was just under 800,000 people a year. A particularly disturbing contribution to this statistic is the increasing number of strokes among those aged 50 to 55, which has resulted in a corresponding increase in hospitalizations. With these changes, stroke is an increasingly important topic of concern

Diode laser with tripled service life pays off in the tire production

The laser specialist LAP offers tire manufacturers future-safe solutions for quality assurance that convince in their durability and integration properties. The positioning system with movable lasers “SERVOLASER tireXpert” is equipped with diode lasers with a tested service life of 30,000 operating hours. Moreover, with Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS und PROFINET, the system covers the most common standard

Nano-based masks for a more comfortable radiation treatment

Orfit Industries will be present at the ASTRO Annual Meeting in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center known to be the world’s most important meeting for the radiation oncology community, with more than 11,000 people attending each year. Orfit Industries invites customers, medical specialists and professionals to come to the Orfit booth (no. 2033) and

B. Braun outcomes studies identify opportunities to minimize alert fatigue

B. Braun Medical’s Infusion Safety Analysis Service, which is designed to ensure meaningful use of infusion data to promote best practices and improve outcomes, has identified opportunities to reduce alerts and improve drug library use. The findings have been published in two peer reviewed sources. A retrospective analysis of drug library alert data of more