Secant Group officials think they’ve cracked vascular regeneration: Here’s how


Secant Group Regenerative Vascular GraftSecant Group today announced what it described as game-changing technology to advance vascular regeneration, solving problems that surgeons presently have when it comes to vascular harvesting and the non-resorbable synthetic graft compliance mismatching.

The technology, which Secant (Telford, Pa.) developed in partnership with its sister company SanaVita Medical, involves a synthetic small bore vessel with a hollow lumen construct infused with Secant’s proprietary Regenerez bioresorbable polymer technology.

Early pre-clinical studies have shown the Regenerez grafts to be non-thrombogenic; they did not show occlusion and provide excellent suturability, according to Secant. Development continues with what Secant describes as a leading heart and vascular research university, and the company is looking for medical device company partners to advance the technology through clinical trials and commercialization.

The new small bore vessel, created through Secant’s textile forming capabilities, enables the regeneration of new vascular tissue structures without the aid of cell seeding or biologic growth promoters.

The small bore grafts have lumen diameters as small as 500 μm, matching the range of human vessels.

“By combining our textile manufacturing and biomaterials capability, this small bore graft would provide similar compliance as native vasculature, enabling a seamless connection between graft and vessel. A Regenerez based graft would stimulate regenerative vessel healing and cell growth, eventually degrading to leave only the native tissue behind, creating a new vessel,” Jeff Robertson, president of Secant Group, said in a news release.

Secant officials envision the regenerative grafts improving outcomes when it comes to coronary artery bypass surgery, peripheral vascular disease and renal disease treatments.


The news comes nearly two years after Secant Group rebranded from its previous Secant Medical name, with a focus on advanced materials and process technologies for the medical device, pharmaceutical, space and energy markets.

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