Steute Meditech launches new table and chair foot switches


steute meditech foot switchesSteute Meditech has recently launched new medical table and chair foot switches.

The new designs make the new additions easy-to-navigate and ergonomic for better ease-of-use and user comfort. Each of the units are customizable for both functionality and cosmetics for certain chair/table capabilities without the need for additional engineering or tooling costs.

Steute medical-grade foot switches are manufactured to be in accordance with EN ISO 13485 Certified QM system for medical products.

Some of the features include digital and analog control functionality, choice of cable and connector and molded-in colors. They can also be powder-coated, pressure die-cast or aluminum consoles with an ingress protection up to IPX8. The foot switches have a mechanical life expectancy of more than 1 million actuations and an operating temperature range of -10°C to +60°C.

Users also have the option to customize colors, logos, icons and graphics while adding integral carrying handles. They can also choose the type of actuator like pedals, pushbuttons, rocker switches, joy sticks and joy pads. It can also be operated wirelessly.

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