Rank: 29
2016 Rank35
R&D Spend:n/a
Fiscal year ending:03-31-17
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HOYA is active in two main business segments: The Life Care segment encompasses health care areas such as eyeglass lenses and the operation of contact lens retail stores, as well as medical related areas such as intraocular lenses for cataract surgery, medical endoscopes, surgical equipment and artificial bones and implants. HOYA´s Information Technology segment focuses on electronics products for the semiconductor industry and LCD panels, glass disks for HDDs and optical lenses for digital cameras and smartphones. The HOYA Group comprises over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates and over 34,000 people worldwide.

HOYA brings highly accurate 3D vision simulation to stores. HOYA Makes Additional Medical Device Venture Investment in InnFocus, Inc., a Glaucoma Device Company. HOYA reaches agreement to acquire Swiss lens manufacturer Knecht & Muller AG.

Big 100 Mini Logo Key Personnel: Hiroshi Suzuki, representative executive officer, president & CEO; Ryo Hirooka, representative executive officer & CFO; Eiichiro Ikeda, executive officer & COO, IT & CTO; Girts Cimermans, executive officer, vision care company president; Augustine Yee, executive officer, chief legal officer & head of corporate development and affairs;

2-7-5 Naka-Ochiai
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo