9 exhibitors to check out at MD&M Minneapolis

MD&M Minneapolis is an event that brings together more than 5,500 medtech professionals and more than 600 suppliers together at one of the largest medical device industry hubs in the United States. Here are nine exhibitors showcasing some of their latest technologies and services at the show, which takes place Nov. 8–9 at the Minneapolis

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AMETEK Land offers UKAS certification as standard on CYCLOPS C100L non-contact thermometer

AMETEK Land, a developer of industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement specialities, has announced that buyers of its Cyclops C100L will receive a designated three point UKAS certification to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 as standard. Widely used in industries such as metal and glass production, as well as in ceramics, petrochemical and refractories, the Cyclops C100L portable non-contact

Engineering the evolution of wound-care air mattresses

Bed-bound patients – those who may be obese, in hospice care, or recovering from wounds or bed sores – often find relief on an air-inflated mattress that spreads their weight over a larger area to provide increased pressure relief than would be possible with a conventional mattress. But more than a mattress filled with air,

AMETEK MICROjammer Blowers offer precise control of air flow for your air-pillow packaging equipment

AMETEK’s MICROjammer series of high-performance, variable-speed brushless DC blowers may be a near-perfect choice of air mover for a medical devices such as treatment for bed sores, or as an air pillow packager. Historically the most compact and efficient unit in its class, the latest state-of-the-art version with full-wave controller allows an unparalleled amount of

AMETEK Shows Latest Medical Interconnects And Laser-Machined Components At COMPAMED 2012

AMETEK Engineered Medical Components will exhibit TSE™ medical device interconnect assemblies and Avicenna™ laser-and mechanically machined medical components at COMPAMED 2012, November 14-16, in Dusseldorf, Germany. TSE is a US Food and Drug Administration-registered manufacturer of both reusable and disposable cable assemblies. Among the value-added options it offers customers are in-house testing and validation, and

Titanium Strips for Medical Applications

The Ti 6/4 ELI (Grade 23) titanium strip comes in thickness gauges as low as 0.004 in. The result of a newly developed proprietary technology, these ultra-thin Ti 6/4 ELI (extra low interstitials) titanium strips demonstrate improved ductility and formability, making them ideal for such applications as pacemaker and neurostimulator enclosures. This titanium alloy is

Intelligent servo and brushless motors now available with high torque and efficiency worm gearing

A clever worm and planetary gear combination designed for medical, motion control, and solar applications requiring self-locking capability and resistance to shock loads without sacrificing energy efficiency. To meet requirements in solar tracking, medical diagnostic and motion control applications for high torque, low output speed gearmotors with self-locking capability without sacrificing energy efficiency, Dunkermotor, part