Avantor rebrands logo and visual identity

Avantor announced that it is rebranding its logo and visual identity. The new brand identity comes after the company’s acquisition of VWR in 2017. “This marks an exciting milestone for Avantor as our integration with VWR continues,” Michael Stubblefield, CEO of Avantor, said. “We’re transforming our global visual presence to give a fresh, distinctive expression

This technology allows package sterilization of silicones with in-situ curing

New methods of sterilization have made customizable implantable silicones a possibility. This exciting technology advance could allow better sealing, occlusion and repair or support within a patient’s body. Avantor has developed packaging to sterilize the silicone so that the material can be cured in-situ. Julie Cameron, VP of business development and marketing for the Nusil

3 ways you can accelerate your innovation

Accelerating innovation is an easy-to-say, hard-to-do concept. In many ways, product development has sped up to a breakneck pace in the last 20 years due to CAD advances, automation, 3D printing, rapid protoyping, to name only a few technologies. Toolkits and methodologies have also expanded to include lean and agile principles, for example. The way

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Avantor unveils new brand identity

Avantor Performance Materials introduced a new corporate logo and visual identity. The change comes two months after Avantor merged with NuSil Technology to form a growing, global supplier of ultra-high-purity life sciences and advanced technologies materials with strict regulatory and performance specifications. “Following the merger of Avantor and NuSil Technology, we needed to give our