Zeiss announces partnership with software outfit Xnovo Technology

Zeiss Microscopy recently announced an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with Xnovo Technology, a Danish company developing software-based 3D X-ray imaging and analysis products. Zeiss and Xnovo have already been working together for two years. The strategic partnership, announced earlier this month, is meant to advance and expand the laboratory-based diffraction contrast tomography technique on the Zeiss

Zeiss touts new imaging software

The new Zeiss Zen 2 core imaging software is a lab infrastructure booster that connects systems, data and workflows, according to its creator Zeiss. The software reflects multi-modal workflows in connected lab environments with a single general user interface, according to Zeiss. The company says the result is a boost in efficiency through interactive control of

Zeiss introduces new automated microscopy platform

Carl Zeiss Microscopy recently announced a new system for automated microscopy in life sciences research. Zeiss’s Celldiscoverer 7 combines the user-friendly automation features of a boxed microscope with the image quality and flexibility of a classic inverted research microscope, according to the company. Scientists acquire better data in shorter times with 2D or 3D cell cultures,

ZEISS donates digital microscope technology for classrooms to ASM International Teachers’ Camp

ZEISS announces that it participated in a Teachers’ Camp held by ASM International for high school-level STEM instructors, held at Manzano High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Zeiss donated a Stemi 305 Compact Stereo Microscope to the ASM Educational Foundation, which was used during the Teachers’ Camp and then given to the classroom of Margaret

Glencoe Software and ZEISS partner to build open source file reader for whole slide imaging

Glencoe Software, the global supplier of image data management solutions for the academic, biotech, pharma and publication industries, is delighted to announce a new partnership with the Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH. Glencoe Software and ZEISS will collaborate to extend the open source Bio-Formats image file conversion library to support whole slide images compressed with the JPEG