7 ways neurostimulation could make our lives better

Neurostimulation is being used for a lot of different things that go beyond motor disorders and diseases. Neurostimulation is used to stimulate certain parts of the brain’s nervous system. It can be invasive with implants or it can be non-invasive with electrode-filled caps and ear clips. The neurostimulation market was worth an estimated $1.9 billion

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Cleveland Clinic, Boston Sci think deep brain stimulation can treat strokes

The Cleveland Clinic is pioneering deep brain stimulation for stroke recovery, with an ongoing clinical trial to determine if Boston Scientific’s Vercise DBS system improves movement in recovering stroke patients. Dr. Andre Machado and his team performed the 6-hour deep brain stimulation surgery on Dec. 19, 2016. The procedure implanted electrodes into the cerebellum section

Needle knife therapy proven safe for inflammatory bowel disorder

The Cleveland Clinic recently published positive data from its first study that tests the safety and effectiveness of endoscopic needle knife therapy for intestinal strictures in inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) patients. “We pioneered this procedure,” said Bo Shen, medical director of Cleveland Clinic’s IBD Center, in a press release. “And our research shows that it

Cleveland Clinic president and CEO stepping down

Cleveland Clinic’s president and CEO Toby Cosgrove, M.D., will step down after nearly 13 years in the top spot. Cosgrove announced at a staff meeting on May 1 that he has made the decision to begin a succession process to step down later this year. The Cleveland Clinic’s Governance Committee wants to keep Cosgrove on

Baxter CEO Almeida on creating a bridge between invention and innovation

“The part that separates most companies regarding innovation, those that truly get it, is the bridge between the invention and the innovation,” Baxter chairman & CEO Joe Almeida said last week at the annual Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit. The ability to bring innovation or an invention to the world is what distinguishes companies that

Cleveland Medical Hackathon returns for an encore this Fall

The Cleveland Medical Hackathon will return to downtown Cleveland this fall with new features and an important new connection. The 2nd annual hackathon will be held in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit, the healthcare industry’s premiere innovation conference. Hackathon participants, speakers and sponsors will be able to interact with the summit, which showcases