7 disruptive innovations from medical device suppliers

Medical device innovation doesn’t just come from small, single-product startups – contract manufacturers are increasingly a part of developing truly disruptive medtech.  Chris Newmarker, Managing Editor People sometimes make the mistake of viewing innovation as the product of a few geniuses and mavericks. But in fact, it is often the result of teamwork, as the writer

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Covestro polycarbonates instrumental to orthopedic surgery innovation

Orthopedic implants are helpful in restoring the quality of life for patients suffering from pain and reduced mobility. Bio2 Technologies of Woburn, Mass. has developed Vitrium Bioactive Glass Implants that are an alternative to allograft and porous metals. In addition to this innovative material, the company is also taking a novel approach to the surgical

How Covestro polycarbonate is enabling better ventilators

The respiratory needs of individuals can vary greatly. Some people with respiratory insufficiency can go about their daily activities with simple oxygen therapy. Others have more serious conditions that require mechanical ventilation that is administered by qualified, trained personnel under the direction of a physician. Breathe Technologies offers respiratory therapies intended to improve people’s quality of

Covestro offers a wide range of medical products

Doctors and patients rely on health care products for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical issues. Medical product manufacturers in turn rely on advanced materials and technologies from Covestro to ensure their health care products effectively meet these demands. Covestro provides many diverse offerings to medical product original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including high-performance films and

Innovative three-way stopcock for greater patient safety

Infections that can result from intravenous infusions are a growing problem for hospitals. To enhance patient safety for this and other measures for the supply of fluids to patients, Elcam Medical, a world-leading medical equipment supplier, has developed a special three-way stopcock. What makes the Marvelous™ (MRVLS) stopcock special are a Luer-activated valve that acts

Unique concept for modern wound dressings, new foam prepolymer introduced

Covestro LLC formerly Bayer MaterialScience, is presenting its new Baymedix FP505 prepolymer, which creates non-yellowing aliphatic foams with excellent fluid absorption and retention properties. Modern wound dressings can be produced efficiently and sustainably from just three materials if combined appropriately. Manufacture by direct coating of adhesive-on-film or foam-on-film eliminates laminating steps and optimizes drying times,

Covestro launches new materials for medical wearables

Covestro said yesterday it is launching a new line of flexible and rigid materials meant for the growing wearable medical device market. The Anaheim, Calif.-based company said it is offering fixation material comprised of breathable film and adhesive, made with polyurethane raw materials to allow for moisture management and comfort, as well as electronics embedding

Medical monitoring system tracks patients’ health across in-hospital environments

Increasingly, health care professionals are enhancing patient care and recovery by monitoring their vital signs with wireless technology. With the Vios Monitoring System from Vios Medical, health care providers can automate patient oversight and remotely detect problems before they become serious by continuously tracking and analyzing medical-grade vital signs across in-hospital environments. The Vios Monitoring

Covestro answers the medical market’s call for advanced materials

With people living longer and leading more-active lives, demands placed on medical equipment have grown. The medical wearable electronics market has evolved to provide patients with a more comfortable experience, while enabling them to be mobile and limit time spent in the hospital for treatment and maintenance. As technology and design of medical wearable electronics

Bayer rebrands material science biz as Covestro

Bayer said the re-branding of its material sciences business as Covestro is complete, with a separate legal and economic structure for the Pittsburgh-based subsidiary ahead of a planned IPO next year. “Independence will enable us to bring our strengths to bear in global competition more quickly, effectively and flexibly,” Covestro CEO Patrick Thomas said in prepared