5 DeviceTalks Boston exhibitors you should know

DeviceTalks Boston is an annual event that allows some of the best minds in medtech to exchange ideas, insights and technologies. The event is hosted by Medical Design & Outsourcing’s sister site MassDevice. Those who attend the event can expect to network with other medtech enthusiasts, attend in-depth interviews with leaders in the industry and

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Cyient showcasing contract manufacturing and engineering at DeviceTalks Boston

Cyient provides value for medtech companies with comprehensive contract engineering and manufacturing solutions that improve productivity, resource capacity, and supply chain efficiency. The company focuses on affordability across the product lifecycle supports cost management and quality. Cyient is experienced in multiple industries with a focus on diagnostic imaging, in-vitro diagnostics and cardiology. Featured services: Value engineering,

Harnessing the power of value engineering

Value engineering is a standard methodology for studying potential improvements by reviewing the relationship of functions and cost. Originating during World War II, the idea is that you can improve products through extensive examination of the functions and eliminate or replace parts or materials. What is different is that it looks at the total line

Webinar: How Value Engineering can help medtech OEMs overcome market pressures

This webinar was originally broadcast on Thursday, November 10, 2016. Click here to watch On Demand now. Medical device companies are continually challenged to find ways to counter market pressures and maintain product relevance. Value engineering is a systematic and function focused decision process for responding to these hurdles. Ultimately, value is improved by finding ways of cutting