How to collaborate better with a product design firm

There are a number of things that medical device companies can do to ensure that their partnerships result in well-designed devices. Here are a few tips for successfully navigating a partnership with a product design firm. Sonja Takatori, Product Creation Studio So you’ve successfully interviewed, evaluated and selected a design firm to partner with on

How medical device risk management is connected with design controls

Medical device design controls play an important role when it comes to risk management, but the relationship isn’t always immediately clear. Intended use is especially important, says Jon Speer, founder of (Indianapolis), which markets a cloud-based quality management software. “If you don’t have a clear order or boundaries for conducting your risk management activities,

How can medical device designers and engineers get along?

Medical device designers are increasingly involved in the earliest stages of the product development process. But with this trend comes a new challenge: How can designers and engineers get along in the medical device creation process? “Some good collaboration between design teams and engineering teams has really started to change that perspective,” Tom KraMer, founder and

When designing medical devices, consider the hands

Heather Thompson and Chris Newmarker Our hands are the emotional and physical link to our environment. They are also the link to our brain. “What I try to tell people is how complicated the hand is,” Bryce Rutter, founder and CEO of Metaphase, told MDO this week at MD&M East in New York. Rutter is

Medtech product management: 3 popular strategies for developing hardware

In medtech, project managers struggle with project complexity, and unknowns. Once you start adding complexity and unknowns to the project, you will need a paradigm that properly fits the project at hand. Product Creation Studio recently released a video on 3 project management strategies and offers some advice on what might work best for medical technology hardware product

Webinar: Art in the OR – How industrial designers help innovate surgical procedures

    Bob Worrell, founder of Worrell, Inc., a Minneapolis-based Healthcare Design firm, and Nicole Parks, industrial design manager at Worrell, will provide insights into the unique role that industrial designers play during the medical device product development process. The webinar will explore how industrial designers utilize their skillets and perspectives to unlock opportunities for

Hold still: fixing touchscreen drift

Todd Schwanger, Global Product Manager, Southco Inc. The latest development in the digitization of healthcare infrastructure is the accelerating migration from traditional computer monitors to touchscreen devices. The transition is from a static device that simply displays information into one that is continually touched, tapped, and swiped. Different types of touch screens present new equipment design