How Consensus Orthopedics added smarts to orthopedic devices

Consensus Orthopedics made headlines with its TracPatch this year. So how did an ortho company get a digital product to market? Let’s face it, orthopedic devices are dumb. That is to say, they are mute. Silent. And in today’s healthcare environment, the silent kind of dumb is dangerous. Consensus Orthopedics (El Dorado Hills, Calif.) wanted to

Want to sell your medtech startup? Be one of these three things

Peter Stebbins meets with a lot of medtech startups as medical device transactions lead at Johnson & Johnson Innovation in Boston. Often, they could benefit from a better grasp of what a buyer is looking for. “It’s not infrequent that someone with an idea perceives it should make sense to J&J, but they don’t understand where our

DeviceTalks Minnesota: Here’s what you missed

Some of the medical device industry’s top leaders and experts gathered in St. Paul, Minn., in June for DeviceTalks Minnesota. Check out the highlights – and don’t miss DeviceTalks Boston on October 2. [View the story “DeviceTalks Minnesota: Here’s what you missed” on Storify]

5 medtech funding insights you need to know

Venture capital funding isn’t what it used to be for medical device startups, but there are actually reasons to feel optimistic about medtech funding. That was the big takeaway from a four-expert panel at DeviceTalks Minnesota last month. (The next DeviceTalks is Oct. 2 in Boston.) Charlie Whelan, director of transformational health consulting at Frost & Sullivan,

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What does value mean in healthcare?

“Value” is a word that one hears a lot these days in the medical device industry and healthcare in general, but it’s hard to pin down what it exactly means. Defining what it means matters because public and private healthcare payers in the U.S. and around the world are moving away from traditional fee-for-service payments.

DeviceTalks: 3M’s Cindy Kent on leadership, growth and inclusion in medtech

Cindy Kent is no stranger to medtech – she’s spent 20 years in healthcare, moving up the ranks and finding her way to president & GM for 3M’s infection prevention division. She spoke with MassDevice.comPublisher Brian Johnson at the DeviceTalks event in Minnesota this week about her skills as a leader, how she ended up as

Wading into parallel reviews as a reimbursement strategy

The process of gaining reimbursement is one of the most expensive and perilous activities a medical technology company will undergo. Some are exploring how (and whether) a strategy that encourages working with both FDA and CMS at the same time can help cut down the resource costs associated with reimbursement. Seth Goldenberg, director of product

3 enduring leadership lessons to boost your medtech success

This one is for the caffeine-addled world-changers out there, who consume leadership memes on Linkedin for breakfast, searching for inspiration with the same passion as a bigfoot truther. Brian Johnson, Publisher For the past 6 years, I’ve interviewed the most successful men and women in the medical device industry at DeviceTalks, a conference I founded

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What it’s like to be a woman in the corner office

There’s an old saying that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except she did it backwards and in high heels. For Nancy Briefs, Deborah DiSanzo and Martha Shadan, that’s a reality they know all too well, having each made the journey from the entry-level ranks of the medtech industry to the corner office of

DeviceTalks: 25 years in the hot seat with Bill Hawkins

For nearly a quarter of a century, William “Bill” Hawkins sat in the corner office of medtech companies of all sizes, before he stepped down from Immucor last year. But Hawkins is best known for his 4 years as CEO of Medtronic, where he served in the corner office from 2007 to 2011. His time